What is an Art Publisher?

What is an Art Publisher?

If you’ve had a look around our online gallery or followed us on social media you will probably have seen that we are an art publisher, representing some acclaimed contemporary UK artists…but what exactly is an art publisher?

The details of the day-to-day workings of an art publisher may vary from one to another, but essentially a publisher will act as the representative for an artist (or portfolio of artists) in order to promote and sell the artist’s work to wholesalers and mainstream retail buyers and collectors on their behalf.

Some publishers specialise in open editions, posters, or greetings cards; others (like us here at Collier & Dobson) specialise in Fine art limited edition giclee prints. If mutually agreed, we also sell original artwork by artists that we represent.

As a fine art publisher with a high degree of specialised experience, our skilled team work with an artist’s original work to produce high quality, authentic reproductions on Fine art paper and canvas. Find out more about our printing process here.

The full process of image capture, print production, and artwork framing is completed in-house at our Fordingbridge workshops, where we also carry out all our own marketing, packaging and distribution management. For this reason you can be sure that we pay close attention to every stage in the process, taking care to produce Fine art reproductions of artist’s work that they (and we) can be proud of.

As part of our publishing role, we promote and supply artist’s limited edition prints and original paintings to galleries and stores throughout the UK and Ireland, as well as to retail buyers and collectors through our online and Fordingbridge galleries. As well as featuring in our full portfolio, we create pages on our online gallery which exclusively promote each artist's collection, news, information, and videos individually - creating a great space for their audience (old and new) to come and find out more about their favourite artist. 

Our dedicated publishing and sales team travel the length and breadth of the country to promote the work of our artists, as well as attending numerous high profile shows and events throughout the year.

As a small, friendly, family run business with an extensive wholesale and retail client base, and a strong reputation in the art sector, we value our artists and work closely with them to produce the best work possible.

All this is great news for artists, as it means that we can take all of the worry about production, distribution and sales away from them, giving them more time and space for them to do what they do best - create beautiful artwork. Of course, some artists may want to promote and distribute some of the artwork too, and we are happy to work with them to achieve this.

Many art publishers, including ourselves, often actively look for new talent - visiting fairs and exhibitions, as well as looking through social media, blogs and online portfolios. For this reason, having a simple website, blog or social media presence exhibiting examples of their artwork is a great way for artists to be seen. Alternatively, they can contact publishers directly.

If you are an artist currently thinking about representation, please feel free to send us an email with examples of your work, or give us a call for an informal chat with our publishing team. We regularly add to our exciting and varied portfolio, and are always open to considering new work. We can't wait to hear from you.

“I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that my limited edition prints will be published by Collier & Dobson” - Helen Rhodes
“Super delighted to announce that my new collection of limited edition prints and originals are now available through Collier & Dobson” - Sarah Jackson
“Really excited to be a part of Collier & Dobson. Take a look at their website they have some amazing artists on there!!” - Josie Appleby



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