The Latest Limited Edition Prints for Spring 2024

The Latest Limited Edition Prints for Spring 2024

We are thrilled to have launched a collection of 35 colourful NEW limited edition prints today from in-demand artists Gary Walton, Sam Toft, Nicky Litchfield, Jo Quigley, Aaminah Snowdon and Anthony Dobson, as well as introducing two exciting new artists - Anna Wright and Helen Rhodes.

Below are just some of the latest prints we have added to our portfolio, visit our website to browse and buy from the full collection. Why not have a leisurely browse through our Virtual Exhibitions too - showcasing all our latest limited edition prints.

Gary Walton 

Gary has created for us a collection of typically fanciful compositions in his own unmistakable style. This nautically themed and whimsical range includes atmospheric moonlit harbours, sandy bays filled with charming sailboat couplings, alongside rickety cottages and rustic piers. Head over to our online gallery to browse the full collection.

Sam Toft

We are delighted to present a brand new collection from Sam Toft to get this new year started with a few Smiles. The 'Everyday Magic Collection' is a celebration of precious moments - days out with friends, enjoying the weather together, chatting on park benches or (Sam's favourite) taking time for tea and cake, dancing, romancing and sharing the good stuff. Head over to our online gallery to browse the full collection.

Aaminah Snowdon

We have just released three quirky new prints by Aaminah, featuring her recognisably unique, energetic, and wonderfully witty style, We’re sure these will be popular additions to her current collection of limited editions, so head over to our online gallery to browse the full collection now.

Nicky Litchfield

With lively use of colour and line, Nicky's latest characterful collection of canine depictions has us grinning from ear to ear.

These latest delightful limited edition prints feature an adorable cockapoo of their best behaviour, and a sneaky peeping pup! View her full collection here.

Jo Quigley

Jo's distinctive contemporary cityscapes are always popular - her clever use of light and shadow creates striking compositions, which capture the attention, then invite the observer to look more closely to discover the underlying stories of the people she has portrayed. This latest pair of prints is no exception, and feature the vibrant colours of the city - from the azure tones of the thames and Blackfriars bridge on a bright summers day, to the fiery hues of shopfronts and lanterns in China Town. Head over to our online gallery to browse the full collection.

Corinne Young

Corinne's new prints focus on open water swimmers, and deftly depict the graceful movement and vitality of both water and the human form. Together with her full collection of hyper realistic compositions exploring nature and the female form, this latest assemblage is considered her most exposed and innovative body of work to date. Head over to our online gallery to browse the full collection.

Helen Rhodes

We are thrilled to be welcoming award winning artist and designer, Helen Rhodes, and her textile and nature inspired prints to Collier & Dobson. Featuring Spring flowers, warm meadows, leaping bunnies, and cosy homes, Helen's beautifully textured and imaginatively patterned illustrations have been created with the intention to lift spirits and add brightness to the world. We have no doubt they'll do just that - take a look at her collection on our online gallery.

Anna Wright

We are delighted to have introduced the characterful compositions of artist and illustrator, Anna Wright, to the Collier & Dobson portfolio. This brand new collection features bright and lively limited editions, created using a vibrant mixture of bold inky mark-making, colourful textiles, and natural elements such as feathers. Each piece is a colourful, patterned and highly textured illustration with a playful and whimsical tone. These bold and expressive new pieces are sure to be a big hit. Find out more about the artist, and browse her collection in our online gallery.


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