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Rosa has private collectors worldwide and has exhibited in most of the major art exhibitions, including the Royal Academy in London. She also regularly exhibits in fine art galleries throughout the UK.

Although she was born in London of Italian / British parentage, Rosa lived, for many of her early years, in Venice with her Italian grandfather - renowned artist, Salvatore Casagrande.

In the late nineties, Rosa followed in her grandfather's footsteps and started her career as an artist, producing exciting, vibrant and unique mixed media paintings.

In 2004 - only five years after she started her artistic career - she was elected a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours (RI), and became the fifteenth President of the RI in 2017 - the first woman to be elected to the role of President since its inception in 1831.

“Rosa creates highly original works that are vibrant, energetic and magical.”


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