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New Releases - Update

Posted on March 08, 2021 by Laura - | 0 comments

As we haven't quite made it out of lockdown yet, and high street shops are still unable to open, we are extending the release period for our new limited edition prints - we will now be staggering their release from now until June.

We have been working 'doggedly' (ūüėČ)¬†to produce a fantastic new range of art to put a smile on your face and spread¬†some much needed cheer.

We have so far released collections from our established best selling artists Sam Toft,¬†Gary Walton,¬†and¬†Dominique Salm, with more to come soon from¬†Nicky Litchfield,¬†Joe Ramm,¬†Caroline Richardson, Aaminah Snowdon¬†and¬†Anthony Dobson.¬†We're also very excited to be introducing 4¬†NEW artists ‚Äď Dotty Earl, Bev Davies, Alena Carvalho, and Heather M Nisbet.

Altogether we will have around 50 brand new limited edition prints, available to buy from our online gallery, and delivered safely to your door.

We will keep you updated on the new releases here, and on social media, and do remember to check our website for new art prints as they are released.

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Art for March - Mad March Hares

Posted on March 05, 2021 by Laura - | 0 comments

March is the month synonymous with the excitable and unpredictable behaviour of hares, who gather together for courtship in the Springtime, becoming far less elusive than usual.

A character made famous by stories such as Lewis Caroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, 'Mad March Hares' have become a source of fascination and amusement, and an inspiration for stories and artwork alike.

Hare-inspired artwork always proves to be a popular addition to the Collier & Dobson portfolio, and it's clear to see why ‚Äď their lively and spirited movements and wild eyes are mesmerising to behold.

And so we are pleased to have an large range of hare-inspired artwork in a range of different styles available on our online gallery.

Dorset artist Jake Winkle has a particular knack for capturing the vibrancy and skittishness of the subject. His 'Hare Spray' limited edition print is a great example of this, with its bold and bright palette, and loose informal style.

'Hare to the Throne' by Adam Kolokowski is a whimsical limited edition print (available both mounted or mounted and framed) that perfectly emulates the magic and mythology that often surrounds the humble hare.

Anthony Dobson's new original painting 'We are Not Amused' (humorously depicting a rather aggrieved looking hare) is detailed, yet not overworked, and captivating in style.

We even have a number of bronze sculpture, beautifully depicting the tense energetic nature of a pair of boxing hares, from artists including Hamish Mackie and Simon Gudgeon. Sophie Louise White's incredible eye for the nuances of the material and her extraordinary skill for patination lends itself to the subject wonderfully in her piece, 'Hares'.

Nicky Litchfield's characterful print 'Surprise' is another wonderful representation of the playful and dotty nature of the Mad March Hare, popping up from the undergrowth and keeping us all on our toes! 

These crazy creatures really do inspire some impressive and eye-catching work. Take a look at our online gallery and see how many you can spot!

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Art and Accessories - Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Posted on March 03, 2021 by Laura - | 0 comments

With Mother's Day (Sunday 14th March) just around the corner, now is the ideal time to start looking for that perfect present for Mum.

As we prepare to celebrate yet another Mother's Day in lockdown, we have more reason than ever to thank those special women in our life who have looked after us, homeschooled us, and supported us through these troubled times - and throughout our lives. 

These strange times may mean we can't all spend time with our mum's this year, but we can still brighten her day with a beautiful piece of artwork, or gorgeous accessory to enhance her home. 

We've pulled together some thoughtful gift ideas from our online gallery and Interiors collection which are sure to bring her a little much-deserved happiness. 

For the mums who have sewn our socks, hemmed our curtains, and even made our wedding dresses, stunning limited edition print The Dressmaker, by Caroline Richardson, would make a wonderfully fitting gift. And they are sure to appreciate the exquisite and detailed embroidery on the Escaffo Circular Cushion, on our Interiors website.

How about handing mum a stylish leather memory box, from our Life of Riley collection ‚Äď you could even get her collection started by adding a few little keepsakes and heartfelt notes to the box for her to discover.

Fragrance is always a welcome gift, and the scented candles and reed diffusers in our Interiors range come beautifully boxed and ribboned - ready to make her day.

With the ability of art to instill peace and soothe the soul, a beautiful painting or print of her favourite subject could be just the thing to bring a smile to Mum's face.

For animal lovers, check out the range of prints and original art from artists like Aaminah Snowdon, Anthony Dobson, Nicky Litchfield, Jake Winkle, and Dominique Salm ‚Äď there really is something for every taste.

Fans of our four legged friends will love the bright and light hearted work of Katie Dawkins' Bozo and Pals collection of prints, depicting precious Poodles, cheeky Labs, wrinkle-faced Boxers...and more!

Josie Appleby and Debbie Boon each have a captivating range of equestrian themed original art and prints - ideal for those horse-lovers.

If time out-on-the-town has been sorely missed by mum during lockdown, limited edition prints by Jo Quigley and Alex Brown will bring city life to her in bold and vibrant style.

Artists like Julie Ann Scott, Rosa Sepple, Joe Ramm and Nicola Wakeling each have their own exceptional take on landscape art - from dramatic coastlines, and night-time harbours, to windswept vistas, and rolling countryside. Perfect for bringing the outside in. 

Louise O'Hara, Jenni Murphy and Gary Walton each conjure up charming and romantic scenes to evoke calm and serenity ‚Äď who wouldn't appreciate that right now?

And new limited edition print In My Thoughts Always by Sam Toft is a lovely sentiment to offer, especially during these times when we can't all be together.

So, whilst it's likely none of us will be celebrating Mother's Day in quite the way we were hoping to, we can all find little ways to make those wonderful women in our lives feel very special.

For fabulous gift ideas head over to our collection of of Limited Edition Prints, Original Paintings & Drawings and Sculpture. Or browse through our range of timeless leather accessories and homewares that would make stylish gifts.

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Meet the Artist - Gary Walton

Posted on February 25, 2021 by Laura - | 0 comments

It is a mere 18 months since we welcomed Gary Walton to the Collier & Dobson fold in late 2019 - at the Birmingham NEC Autumnfair - and his beautiful collection of Fine art prints have fast become a big hit.

We are sure the brand new collection of limited edition prints, recently launched, will prove just as popular, so why not find out a little more about the creator of this stunning collection? 

Depicting dreamy landscapes and fantastical scenes in his own unique personal style, of his work, Gary says:

"After being given an opportunity to explore and pursue my artistic skills I wanted to be different from all the other artists, so started to develop my own unique personal style. It’s very whimsical, romantic and happy; quirky, two-dimensional with a slight intriguing air of fantasy combined with a twist of reality within.

A love of the coast, and passion for Surrealism is clear to see in his atmospheric and dream-like compositions - sprinkled as they are with the recurring themes of starlight glittering on waves, boats bobbing in harbours, and lighthouses illuminating dusky skies. 

Gary was born in Worcester in 1962, and was fascinated with painting - any shape or form - from a very young age.

At the age of 8, he was given a paint-by-numbers set, which quickly alerted his parents to his passion for painting, and his budding skills as an artist.  

Although he demonstrated a talent for art from an early age, he progressed through the school system and straight into a rather conventional job, before much later moving back to his real passion - art.

He transitioned into the art world slowly at first, starting as a semi professional for several years - selling his art to private collectors and gaining a reputation as a talent to be applauded - before eventually making the move full time.

Thankfully, for art lovers and collectors, he is now a prolific painter and both his sought-after original paintings and limited edition prints are available to purchase. 

Visit our website to browse and buy from Gary's collection of original paintings and limited edition prints.

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Our favourite landscape paintings to melt away stress during lockdown

Posted on February 23, 2021 by Laura - | 0 comments

When we think of art, do we ever think about the positive impact it has on our mental health, or is the idea of art confined to the context of theatres whose doors remain closed, and galleries that are likewise inaccessible for the foreseeable? With England still in the midst of its third lockdown, few of us realise the overall psychological and sociological impact art has on us, especially during these troubled times.

Recent studies have shown that the third lockdown has had an increasingly significant impact on our mental health compared to the first and second. Over 54% of adults in the UK are currently dealing with feelings of anxiety and worry, and 1 in 5 have reported feelings of hopelessness. This staggering number may come as no surprise, but what’s more interesting is that research has linked viewing art with stabilising our low mood significantly. 

In a study conducted by the University of Westminster*, participants who took a brief visit to an art gallery on their lunch break, reported feeling less stressed afterwards. In fact, their cortisol levels had dropped so rapidly that, under normal circumstances, would have taken over 5 hours to achieve. If viewing art for just half an hour has that effect on the human brain, then think about the benefits a serene painting in your home would have.

This article will be focusing on landscape paintings, as these in particular have been proven to reduce anxiety levels compared with abstract art or no art at all**. The first on our list is Nicola Wakeling. Nicola is an artist who finds her inspiration from the Outer Hebrides, and her painting Looking Out from Udal, North Uist perfectly encapsulates that peaceful sense of stillness. It’s realism would be particularly suited to people who have been deprived of a seaview for the duration of the lockdown. 

Joe Ramm also offers a coastal landscape but with a playful twist. Her limited edition print Coastguard Cottages' more characterful theme might be a better choice if realistic landscapes make you pine to be outdoors too much. She uses the wild landscape as a source of inspiration, and spent much of her time walking along the South Coast that you see here. She also has more prints coming soon in March. 

The theme of water comes up time and again with our artists, and for good reason too; water has an incredibly relaxing, restorative effect on the body and mind. Julie Ann Scott’s limited edition print The Long Trip Home gives a completely different perception of nature, with an enchanting, dream-like quality that piques our natural curiosity about life underwater.

You can find more art like this in our landscape paintings and drawings page. You can even check out our collection of sculptures for indoor and outdoor wildlife installations that gives a more immersive sense of being within nature. 


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