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Silvio Vigliaturo was born in Acri, in the Southern Italian region of Calabria, in 1949. Soon after, he moved to Chieri, a town near Turin, where he lives and works still.

Artist and 'glass maestro', Silvio's, technique is characterized by a strong emphasis on research and experimentation. His artistic journet is constantly evolving - from the first exhibitions, in 1977, to the recent participation to the Italian Pavilion of the 54th Venice Biennale.

He has employed different styles and media over the year, including paint, glass, steel and terra cotta.

Thanks to this variety of techniques and Silvio's experimentation, he has harboured an original and unique vision - reinterpreting the themes and the expressive modes of his painting, and leading him to current body of work. 

"The strong visual impact which characterizes his works comes from the transparences of the colors, that generates a fascinating impression of fluidity, and the antinomy between the weight of the matter employed and the lightness of the forms that the artist is able to design in it."


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