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Essex born Nicola Wakeling moved to Scotland when she was just one year old, a move which has heaviliy influenced her work - finding her inspiration in the landscapes of the Outer Hebrides.

She is a master at capturing the nuances of light and shade, using the luminosity of oil paints to great effect. 

Preferring to paints dark and brooding landscapes, she says "The white beach and turquoise seas on a sunny day are far too glaring and positive". Reflective, meditative, and wonderfully dramatic, her work is a fitting tribute to the tradition of landscape painting in Britain. 


“It is the sheer scale of the landscape in Scotland that stirs me to paint. Walking on a Hebridean beach with the wind on my face, I look up at the limitless sky and feel tiny. I want my paintings to communicate a sense of immersion and connection within a landscape.”


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