About Collier & Dobson

Collier & Dobson is a small family business with a strong reputation for quality. We publish for a wide variety of some of the UK’s leading wildlife, landscape, and contemporary artists, and sell a range of exquisite sculpture, original works of art & limited edition prints from both our online gallery, and beautiful Bridge Street gallery in Fordingbridge on the edge of the scenic New Forest National Park.

Our offices and workshops are situated in Fordingbridge Business Park, where our skilled team produce all our prints, mounts and frames in-house from start to finish. We are highly accomplished in image capture, printing, and framing...and have even designed and created our own bespoke packaging to ensure that each and every high quality piece is lovingly packaged to minimise every risk even once they have left the building.

Check out the links below to find out more about how we produce our fine art prints, and frame original paintings and drawings: 

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Find out more about artist proofs and how we produce them
Find out more about how we frame and glaze our artwork
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As art publishers we also supply limited edition prints and original paintings to art galleries and stores throughout the UK and Ireland, so if you can’t visit us in Fordingbridge, check out our interactive map to find your nearest stockist of Collier & Dobson published artwork.

If you are an artist seeking representation please feel free to get in touch, we're always open to considering new work, and our publishing team would love to hear from you.

About Philip Collier... 

Philip’s interest and passion for the art world began when he was just 8 years old. His Father’s career as an antique dealer and jeweller meant that many a day was spent following him around auction houses like Christie's and Sotheby's, and being immersed in artwork at various showrooms and galleries. At one pivotal point, he was encouraged to select and purchase a piece of porcelain at auction, which was then sold at his family's Fordingbridge showroom, the proceeds of which were reinvested into his next auction purchase. This fuelled his affection for the fine art business, and was just the first step on the road to driving his own career in the fine arts sector.

Philip is dyslexic and, having become disenthralled with academic life, left school at the age of 17. Far from holding him back, his neurodiversity has propelled him towards an acutely visual appreciation of the world around him, and has meant that he excels in the creative arena. His keen eye for ‘beautiful things’ led him to set up his own art and interiors company after leaving school, and only 4 years later he began working with acclaimed artist Tabitha Salmon, representing her and selling her original paintings. This experience sparked a decisive move into art publishing. 

32 years on, the very fabric of Philip’s business has been interwoven with his childhood experiences of the art world, his strong visual capabilities, and years of professional knowledge. A desire to surround himself and others with pieces which elicit joy, means that he loves visiting people’s homes to offer a variety of bespoke advisory services

About Anthony Dobson...

Anthony has always seen the world in a unique way - viewing everything as a collection of constituent shapes and colours - which compels him to perpetually contemplate what combinations of colours, applications of light, and placements of shapes are necessary to recreate what he is perceiving. It is this very thinking that led him into the art world. “I see everything as if it is a painting - looking at how different colours and textures react when placed against one another”. 

His artistic journey started at just three years old, when his mother and father would provide him with wallpaper sample books in which he could draw to his heart’s content. Anthony has always embraced his predilection for painting, oftentimes at the expense of other pursuits…especially homework! 

Whilst he was studying a foundation course in graphic design, Anthony found that he was gaining such a considerable following outside of art college with his commissions, that he decided to pursue that creative avenue instead. He did this so successfully that in 2000 he was able to take ownership of longstanding framers and art gallery, Black Horse Arts, in the cathedral city of Salisbury.

His propensity for looking at things in terms of their component parts also means that Anthony enjoys the design and structure of running a business - the expression simply being in numbers instead of paint on canvas.  

Wanting to produce limited edition prints of his own paintings, Anthony decided to purchase a printing business to add to his Black Horse Arts offering, and in doing so inherited art publisher Philip Collier as one of his clients, who was representing artists including Tabitha Salmon and Clive Meredith at the time. 

It was then that the journey towards 'Collier & Dobson' began…  

Philip had an ambition to secure the expertise of “the best printer in the UK” to carry out the giclée printing required to produce high quality limited editions. So impressed was he with Anthony’s artistic talent, accomplished proofing, printing, and framing skills, that he staunchly pursued him and appealed that they join forces to start their own publishing house. Revering Philip’s keen eye for design, his drive and ambition, Anthony did indeed accept the proposal. 
In 2004, Anthony joined Philip, his family and hard working team, who had run their art business in the town of Fordingbridge for over 30 years, to officially form Collier & Dobson, art gallery and publishers.

Despite sometimes having very different approaches, they are still on speaking terms after nearly 20 years in business together! Their contrasting viewpoints and attributes, along with a united creative goal, in fact have proven to be a prosperous combination, both motivating and complimenting each other's skillset over the years, and growing the business together. 
Over the years the business partners have continually developed Collier & Dobson, which now offers not only fine art pieces and art publishing, but also bespoke art services like picture restoration and framing, and picture hanging, as well as homeware, lighting, bespoke furniture and interior design


What Collier & Dobson Has to Offer

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