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Best known for her contemporary wildlife sculptures, Sophie Louise White is renowned for capturing the inherent qualities of her subject.

With an astute eye for animal anatomy and forms that function, Sophie manipulates her materials to create an elegant, aesthetically balanced signature style.

She forms the specific characteristics of the subjects that she sculpts in clay, soft wax and sometimes in plaster. Each piece is then cast in either Bronze or Silver using the Ancient Lost Wax method.  

Growing up on her family’s rare breeds farm, in Kent, she was fortunate to be able to view the beauty of animals first hand, which afforded her an enviable insight and awareness of each subject’s individual characteristics and distinguishing forms.
Sophie now lives in Hampshire - a rural environment enriched with wildlife, and which continues to influence her work. 

"Irrespective of size, she sculpts with a harmonious balance of movement, elegance and motional poise."


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