Shopping Securely Online

We all know that the internet is a fantastic tool, and a convenient way to get all your shopping done from the comfort of your home. However, with more of us than ever now shopping online it is important to take care when making purchases to avoid scam websites. Whilst online shopping is generally safe these days, there are still some risks.

The NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) offers some great advice to help you to stay safe when shopping online, and even on what to do if things go wrong. If you think you have visited a website that is trying to scam you, head over to the NCSC website to report it.

You can help keep yourself safe when making online purchases by following some simple security steps, such as:

1. Research online retailers to ensure they are legitimate. This could include... 

  • Reading online feedback from trustworthy people and organisations
  • Looking for an address and phone number, and make contact with the retailer, preferably by phone so that you can verify their legitimacy
  • Checking for a privacy statement 
  • Looking for a certificate of authentication

2. Be suspicious of ‘too good to be true’ deals...they probably are!

3. Check that the currency is correct for the location in which you are browsing (for example, if you are looking in the UK the currency should be in pounds sterling) 

4. Look for numerous errors or inaccuracies in written information

5. Look at the quality of images or logos (are they crisp and clean, or grainy and pixilated). Most legitimate websites will feature high resolution logos and graphics, so if the one you are visiting doesn’t, this could be a red flag

6. Check there's a 'closed padlock' icon in the browser's address bar when you go to pay for your items (this ensures the connection is secure, however doesn’t prove the retailer is legitimate)

Head over to the links in the references section below for more information and guidance about shopping securely online.

Here at Collier & Dobson we are committed to offering quality products and service and you can be sure that ordering through our website is safe and secure. For your peace of mind, we offer a free 14 day returns policy, and you can contact us by email, telephone, or even pop into our Fordingbridge gallery if you would like to discuss anything further before you make your purchase.