Homeware Trends for 2024

Homeware Trends for 2024

As with the colour favourites for 2024, homeware trends look set to continue to embrace individual character, boldness of styling, and to encourage our connection with nature. Here are the top 5 homeware trends for 2024.

1. Green Living

Decorilla say “'Nature-inspired' reigns supreme as designers, homeowners, and businesses gravitate towards bringing the outdoors in”. This means that we can expect to see lots of verdant greenery, rustic materials, and earthy tones in ecor design, all combining to create a cosy yet contemporary and - most importantly - soothing environment.

Mixing a lush biophilic aesthetic with eco-conscious materials and rustic styling, the green living design movement truly lives up to its name and encompasses several trends to create a visually rich, inviting, and healing setting in which to unwind. “Nature-inspired elements and design improve well-being, highlight a connection with nature, and awaken a sense of responsibility toward the environment.”

Collagist Sarah Jackson is passionate about the natural world, and recycles magazine and newspaper cuttings to create her highly detailed and intricate artwork. Her subjects of tropical birds and wild animals, along with her eco-conscious ethos make her original collages and limited edition print excellent additions to any green living inspired interior space. 

2. Home Office

With remote working now the norm, the home office is no longer an after thought. Makeshift desks shoved into dingy, unloved corners and cramped under-stairs spaces just don’t cut it any more - its time to inject some style and functionality into our home work spaces to embrace productivity and make these (now permanent) fixtures more inspiring places to be.

Invest in a few key pieces, like a stylish ebony desk, lacquered wood storage chest (for keeping all that unsightly paperwork tidy), sleek wall clock, and leather desk accessories. Check out the range in our interiors home office collection.

An inspiring piece of artwork is also a great way to set off the room and provide a little visual stimulation to encourage cognition. 

3. Natural Lighting

Sitting comfortably alongside the green living obsession, the natural lighting trend aims to bring in as much light from outdoors as possible. This trend can enhance bright and boldly coloured rooms, intensely illuminate pale and neutral rooms, and brighten dark and dull rooms. It really makes the most of any space.

A great way to maximise daylight is by minimising any obstruction across windows and doors - try using sleek and simple blinds instead of curtains, to lift the cover away from the full width of windows.

Another great way to boost brightness is with the considered placement of mirrors. Line them up so that they reflect windows and glazed doors, and bounce additional light around the room. You can even create a smaller scale effect by introducing accessories with reflective surfaces - like sequinned cushion, glossy ceramics, and highly polished metallics.

4. Dopamine Decor

As the name suggests, this trend focuses on creating an environment which sparks joy. According to design inspiration company Apartment Therapy “dopamine decor is all about letting go of expectations of how your home “should” look and gravitating toward whatever makes you happy”.

A great suggestion for how to start out with this trend comes from interior designer Cami Anderson, who recommends examining what aesthetics or design elements (colours, patterns, styles etc) you were drawn to in childhood “Are there certain items that evoke happy memories or spark joy when you look at them? Use those as the centre of your design, and then work them into your existing setup”.

In a similar way to maximalism (which is retaining its popularity in 2024), these interiors are often bold, vibrant, and whimsical spaces, which aim to trigger happiness and delight, and are a great way to embrace creative self expression and help generate personality-rich spaces.

5. Personality Rich

This trend is all about projecting your own unique character through your interior, encouraging an authenticity and richness that is inviting.

Because this decor is led by the individual, anything goes - so whether you choose pale pastel tones, natural materials, and uncluttered surfaces, or fully embrace colour-drenching, textures and patterns, and collections of accessories, be sure to create a space which you feel fits with your own personality and for the functionality you need.


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