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Fred Gordon is an award-winning sculptor passionate about wildlife and the natural world. His work focuses around the movement, character and behaviours of animals in their natural habitats.

Having had the privilege of travelling around the world and observing and sculpting wildlife first hand, Fred has gained an insight into their instinctive nature that is vital when attempting to capture a moment in wax.

He sculpts, predominantly, using heated sheets of wax which allows him a spontaneity when creating the form and expressing the movement of his subject whilst, at the same time, allowing for intricate detail when the wax has cooled.

Once the wax master has been sculpted, the piece is taken to the foundry where the Lost Wax Technique is employed to create a bronze sculpture. Fred is fascinated by this process, due primarily to the level of care and detail required to mould, cast and finish a piece in bronze, and, for that reason, he has worked part time for several years in a foundry of some sort to better learn his trade.

"Centering around birds and animals, his passion for wildlife is clear to see in his spontaneous, textured and contemporary sculpture."

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