Father's Day - Art, Accessories and Gift Ideas

With Father's Day (Sunday 20th June) just around the corner, now is the ideal time to start looking for that perfect present for Dad. 

It wasn't until the early 1900s that Father's Day became an official holiday – with the US leading the way as one of the first nations to do so. However, it is possible that the annual celebration of fatherhood could have begun even earlier. Evidence can be traced back to 1508 and a Saint Joseph's Day marked in Catholic Europe.

The UK followed the lead of the US much later in the 1900s celebrating the national holiday in the way we now all recognise – showing thanks to, and showering with gifts, the father figures in our lives.

In honour of these fine men, we've pulled together some thoughtful gift ideas from our online gallery and interiors collection which are sure to make him feel loved and appreciated.

For the dads who patiently taught us the strategies of chess, dazzled us with card tricks, or just kept us occupied on many a rainy day, any one of a selection of leather games sets would make a wonderfully fitting gift. Choose from a stylish chess, backgammon, dominoes or cards and dice set.

How about handing dad a smart leather watch box from our ‘Life of Riley’ collection, to keep his treasured time piece safe and tidy.

Or, for dads who enjoy a tipple, this stunning leather hip flask, handy cork screw, and extravagant drinks case are sure to be a wonderfully welcome gift.

An eye-catching painting or print of his favourite subject could be just the thing to bring a smile to dad's face too. 

For globe trotters and landscape lovers, check out the range of prints and original art from artists like Alena Carvalho, Joe Ramm, Jo Quigley, and Heather M Nisbet - there's bound to be something to appeal to their wanderlust!

Fans of a camper van and the open road will love the whimsical work of Jenni Murphy and Rosa Sepple – especially limited edition prints 'Van Life', 'Camper Van' and 'Surfs Up' - with their light hearted depictions of chilled out days in a four wheeled home-from-home.

Josie Appleby and Anthony Dobson both have a captivating range of equestrian and wildlife themed original art and prints - ideal for lovers of country pursuits and the great outdoors.

Sculptors like Hamish Mackie and Adam Binder each have their own remarkable take on wildlife art - from prowling big cats to lumbering polar bears.

An original painting or limited edition print by Gary Walton, with their charming nautical nature, could be just the ticket for someone who dreams of a life on the ocean waves. 

So, whether we are treating dad to a long overdue pub lunch, a garden greet or a virtual visit this year, we can all find little ways to make those great men in our lives feel very special.

For fabulous gift ideas head over to our collection of Limited Edition Prints, Original Paintings and Drawings and Sculpture. Or visit www.collierdobsoninteriors.com and browse through our range of timeless leather accessories and homewares that would make stylish gifts.

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