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My favourite place in the world is perched on a bench overlooking Hampstead Heath. Despite it being freezing cold people are up early jogging before work, taking a dip in the Lido, exercising their dogs and warming hands on steaming cups of coffee. I grew up in London and I have always loved it here.

My sketchbook is filling fast full of the people going about their everyday lives, capturing the little moments that make us human.  A guy has just tripped over his own dog and is now hugging and patting it for being a rascal as it continues to run around his legs. It’s these “chuckle to myself moments” that I take back to the studio and work up, creating vibrant, colourful  paintings in acrylic on panel that hang in the homes of those who share my love of the simple joy and comedy that is there in human nature (if you look for it).

As one of seven children my early years were spent perhaps running a little wild, but mostly “inventing” and “imagining” new games. It was a perfect childhood; simple and beautiful, full of camping, foraging and freedom, with my Dad being the butt of all the jokes. (He had five girls what did he expect?!)

My love for painting and storytelling developed further throughout my degree in Visual Communication and on completion I knew it was the only thing I wanted to do. In order to leave home, (and the bunkbed I shared with my sister) I had a brief stint working in an office in central London.

“One year I designed the company Christmas card and my boss then kindly told me she could find someone else to load the printer – I needed to go out and ‘do art'.”

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