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Alena loves photography and painting equally - stating that, for her, the two are inseparable - draws her inspiration from walks in European cities, particularly London, come rain or shine.

Using a mix of acrylic paints and inks, Alena uses a variety of both conventional and unconventional tools to express different ideas - enjoying the process of taking mundane urban elements and capturing their beauty in vibrant and atmospheric compositions. 

She says that she loves depicting city scenes - combining iconic architecture with the life that goes on around them and the ever changing light and weather. "Double-deckers and black cabs of London, red trams and terracotta roofs of Prague, white cobbles and yellow trams of Lisbon, majestic domes and pillars of Rome, Paris bikes and cafés, canals of Venice – undoubtedly cliché, but that’s where my mind travels when I pick up a brush!”

"I love depicting city scenes that combine architecture and iconic buildings with the life that goes on around them, the traffic and the passers-by and how these scenes change with varying light and weather"


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