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  • Welcome People Back into Your Home this Christmas

    We were all very disappointed last year when Christmas was cancelled for us all at the final hour.  Thankfully, 2021 has seen the UK start to take a few tentative steps out of lockdown and into the world again.  Whilst we certainly have a long way to go before we get back to 'normality', we can take some consolation in being able to spend time with friends and family once more.

  • Colour Schemes to Help You Study

    The new school year is here and - along with having all the necessary uniforms, books and supplies – it is important to ensure having a productive space in which to study.

    Whether it's on campus, in dorms, or in the home, a space to be able to concentrate, work and be creative is essential...Something that can make an instant difference to a space is the application of colour – from the hue of the walls, the furniture and soft accessories, to the artwork on the walls – it can all have an effect on mood and productivity.

  • The National Garden Scheme - and Garden Inspired Artwork

    The National Garden Scheme is up-and-running again this Summer, opening the gates of more than 3,600 beautiful private gardens all across the UK.

    With Edenic connotations and an abundance of colourful flora and fauna, it's not surprising that a garden setting has provided many an artist – from ancient, to classical, to contemporary - with creative inspiration throughout history.

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