Reclaiming Your Home and Decorating Your Home Office

As we navigate our way slowly along the 'roadmap out of lockdown', and carefully welcome a select few visitors back into our homes, some of us may be finding that we now need to reconsider how we use our living accommodation ... and, indeed, how it is styled.

If you are back working at the office - or other place of employment - now could be a great time to reclaim your dining room, lounge or spare bedroom after more than a year of them being commandeered for use as a temporary offices, makeshift classrooms, and even home gyms! 

Of course, you may now be working from home permanently, and need to repurpose your space and create a legitimate work area in which to concentrate.

Or, maybe you just feel like smartening up your décor to create a vibrant and welcoming place into which to invite back friends and family.

Either way, we have a vast range of useful and beautiful home accessories to help make your space functional, without hindering your home's individual flair.

If you need to create a permanent work space at home, it is important to define the area, and keep it tidy and organised. This can aid productivity and allow you to stay focused on the job.

To help you do this we have a some chic stationery and storage options on our Interiors website, which will help keep your work essentials in place without compromising on style, and provide you with a look befitting for the home.

This daring desk, stunning storage trunk, leather box file and pen pots from Life of Riley will keep equipment, papers and pens contained whilst adding an effortless charm to your room design.

Help define the workspace with an area rug, and soften the look of your work area with accessories like cushions and throws. Choose pieces in cool colours, such as blue, as they can aid concentration and encourage focus – ideal for any work space.

To revamp a tired living room try introducing new colours. This can be done by adding a few accessories - like cushions or lamps - if your budget is limited, or with a stunning new piece of 'statement' furniture like an eye-catching sideboard, or luxurious sofa or armchair, if you have a bit more to spend.

Bright jewel colours will create a vibrant and 'grown up' space, ideal for entertaining – check out this striking flame orange cabinet, sumptuous sofa and opulent Edmund Armchair on our Interiors website.

Muted natural tones, on the other hand, will help create a peaceful space for you to relax and unwind in – like this elegant Fontanetta rug, subtly painted elm wood side table, and inviting Voltaire chair.

A perfectly placed print or original painting is just the thing to set-off your spruced-up décor.

Whether you choose to bring the outdoors in with stunning landscape inspired art from Joe Ramm, Gary Walton, Heather M Nisbet, and Alena Carvalho; embrace the world of wildlife with pieces from Dominique Salm, Bev Davies, Aaminah Snowdon and Anthony Dobson; or add a pop of colour with abstract art from Silvio Vigliaturo and Ilse Michielsen, there will be something to delight and inspire everyone in our online gallery.

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