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Meet the Artist - Silvio Vigliaturo

He began exhibiting his work in 1977, but it was in 1986 when a major revelation in his creative exploration was piqued, as he experienced the work of famous Futurist, Cubist and Expressionist artists Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, and Miro at the Futurismo e Futurism exhibition in Venice. Read more

What are Sculptures Made of?

If you have ever spent any time staring admiringly at an intricately formed statue or sculpture you may have found yourself asking “what are statues made of?” or indeed “how are sculptures made?”. Read more

What is abstract art?

The practice of abstraction in art refers to the use of 'gestures' to suggest the subject rather than creating accurate depictions of imagery. It can apply to different components of a piece, including colour, shape, line and composition.

The origins of abstract art began very early in the 1900s, during the Modern Art movement, when rapid technological advancements in the West meant that artists needed to find new ways to represent the world around them and its hastily changing ideas and possibilities. Read more