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  • What is Abstract Art?

    The practice of abstraction in art refers to the use of 'gestures' to suggest the subject rather than creating accurate depictions of imagery. It can apply to different components of a piece, including colour, shape, line and composition.

    The origins of abstract art began very early in the 1900s, during the Modern Art movement, when rapid technological advancements in the West meant that artists needed to find new ways to represent the world around them and its hastily changing ideas and possibilities.

  • Reclaiming Your Home and Decorating Your Home Office

    As we navigate our way slowly along the 'roadmap out of lockdown', and carefully welcome a select few visitors back into our homes, some of us may be finding that we now need to reconsider how we use our living accommodation ... and, indeed, how it is styled.

  • How are Glass Sculptures Made?

    Murano may well be one of the most recognised centres for art glass in the world. If you look at the work of Italian sculptor Silvio Vigliaturo, you will be immediately drawn to the vivid colours and striking form of his contemporary glass sculptures.

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