Bio : Silvio Vigliaturo

Silvio Vigliaturo is a contemporary Italian master who brings the scale and energy of sculpture and the bold instinct of a colorist to the delicate nature of glass making and painting.  Vigliaturo's witty and vivid pieces are technically highly sophisticated and themes include elements of classical fables, satirical jokes, musical evocations and dream-like images.

He was born at Acri in Calabria, Italy in 1949. In 1962 he came to Chieri, near Turin, where he now lives and works.  At the age of 16 he completed a traditional apprenticeship at a local glass works, where he was instructed in the art of drawing by Luigi Bertagna, a disciple of Turin artist Giacomo Grosso, and in painting by Edoardo Ferrero.  Vigliaturo's inspiration was sparked in 1986, when he visited the 'Futurismo e Futurism" exhibition in Venice, experiencing the work of Picasso, Miro, Matisse and Chagall, and current of Futurism and Expressionism; these influences continue to be apparent in his work.