Bio : Adam Binder

Adam Binder grew up in the Cotswolds, an idyllic environment that awakened his senses to the beauty of the natural world, which has been his inspiration for 25 years.

It is clear from Adam’s wildlife sculptures that every animal he chooses, whether a field mouse or an African elephant, is acutely observed in its natural habitat, so well observed in fact that is able to remove all extraneous details from his subjects without losing anything of their veracity. The end results are sculptures that are about suggestion, subtle movement and the essence of the animal.

Recent works have shown an incredible skill for patination, a skill that helped him win the prestigious David Shepherd Foundation Wildlife Artist of the Year Award in 2010. David Shepherd who was on the judging panel praised Adam’s work saying it “was so beautifully tactile that we couldn’t resist”.  In 2011 he went on to win again in the sculpture category and was elected a Member of the Society of Wildlife Artists.

Adam’s work shows not only an in-depth knowledge of his subject, but a keen sense for the more abstract qualities of line, form, colour and texture. It is not surprising that these beautifully composed sculptures have gained him international recognition and a strong following.