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Meet the Artist - William Montgomery

Posted on April 20, 2021 by Laura - | 0 comments

Whether you are an animal lover or an art lover – or both – the beautifully detailed work of Somerset sculptor William Montgomery is sure to delight!

Imparting into each piece stunning detail and character, Will's admiration of his animal subjects is clear to see.

We are pleased to be able to offer a number of bronze sculpture by this talented young artist via our online gallery – including birds in flight, prowling foxes and regal feline studies.

Will was born and raised on the Montgomery family farm in the South West of England, and it was this upbringing - surrounded by horses and dogs, cows and sheep in the West Country - which evoked his love of animals. Several safari holidays to Kenya, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia also influenced Will considerably, and galvanised his love for wildlife further.

Will took an interest in painting and drawing at an early age – influenced by books and paintings by his great-grandfather, John Strickland Goodall. Best known for his series “The Adventures of Paddy Pork”.

He cites this early exposure to representational art – paintings by his great-grandfather, and sculpture by Emma Mac Dermott and William Newton – as being an enormous influence on his development as an artist.

Will started to sculpt at an early age after watching in awe as artist William Newton sculpted his family horse. Of his early foray into the field, he says:

“I was given a small piece of clay and made my first sculpture of my pet dachshund. My interest in sculpture was sparked and has continued to grow into a passion."

Since then, he has refined his sculpting technique, at first leaning the core skills, then developing his unique style.

Now, to create his pieces, he uses Plasticine instead of clay to form the stunningly detailed animal figures, as the oil-based medium allows more time to create intricate and accurate compositions synonymous with his work.

Will's sculptures are representational and aim to preserve proportional and anatomical accuracy, simultaneously capturing a subject’s character, sense of life and animation. Having studied Physiotherapy at university has provided a foundation in his understanding of anatomy and biomechanics, which has become a cornerstone to his approach to sculpture.

Recently, Will won the coveted 2018 young artists' Christmas exhibition at Isabel de Pelets Guggleton gallery in Stalbridge with his Stag Sculpture "The Batchelor of Balintore".

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