Home Decor Trends for Summer 2022

As we make our way into the temperate month of June, let's take a look at 5 décor trends tipped to be big this summer.

1 - Limitless Luxe

Pinterest summarise the Limitless Luxe trend as a way of introducing a little luxury into the “least-expected corners of your home”, so that every nook and cranny radiates luxe, and even the utility room or under-stairs study area are filled with opulence.

It is one of their Pinterest Predicts entries for 2022, and they have seen a 400% increase in searches for “luxury garage interior” and a whopping 11x increase for “luxury laundry room ideas”.

To transform a space and add a little lustre needn't be as expensive as it sounds and can even be as simple as adding a few well-chosen accessories to a sleek and organised area.

Our Narbeth scented candles are ideal for this, lending both aesthetic appeal and luxurious fragrance. Each is beautifully presented in a stylish glass jar, finished with the unmistakably chic Narbeth seal, and packaged with a gorgeous gold coloured box perfect for keeping on display.

The Helen Moore range of luxury faux fur throws are a great way to update tired seating, or to add a plush feel to an office chair in your home study. Each soft and sumptuous blanket is lined with supple faux suede, for a cosy and opulent feel.

Draughtsman and master printmaker Guy Allen's original print Dragonfly Study is hand embellished with gold leaf and would elevate the look and feel of any area of your home. 

Head over to our online gallery to find it along with many other gilded goodies.

Interior designer Nicole Rosenberg says that plants and flowers are another great way to 'luxe' your décor, which ties in nicely with the next trend...

2. Biophilic Design
Biophilic Design is a concept intended to increase our connection to the natural world through architectural and interior design elements.

Following a turbulent couple of years and with current global uncertainties, the importance of looking after our well-being and appreciating the role which green spaces play in helping improve our mental health has come to the fore. So it’s no surprise that a trend which strives to encourage connectivity to the natural environment is set to be a huge trend this year.

Why not embrace this trend by transforming your home (or even just part of it) into an oasis, rich in natural colours and festooned with lush houseplants and floral prints?

Chris Ross Williamson's art print The Monet features a serene homage to Monet's famous water lilies painting and would work beautifully in a room painted in soft white, surrounded by glossy Ficus and Aspidistra houseplants.

How about using a mirror placed by a sunny window to reflect the outdoors in? The rustic Hawthorn Trio Mirror from our Interiors collection features three mirrored panels, each overlayed with cast hawthorn branches and framed in wood to enhance the 'natural' connotations and sit aptly within this trend.

You could even extend natural elements to include wildlife, and pair Dominique Salm's naturally colourful depictions of flamingos and giraffes with floral arrangements and verdant Monstera, Philodendron and Alocasia plants for a wild and luscious look.

3. Emotional Escape Rooms
With Pinterest citing a 150% increase in searches for 'rage room' it’s probably safe to say a lot of us are in need of an emotional escape room!

Whether its somewhere calm to retreat to for some alone time, or somewhere you can paint, sing, or play your music as loudly as you like, an Emotional Escape Room is a place to decorate just the way you want it, and fill with things you love.

Think about how you might like to feel when you spend time there...

For example, if you want to switch off and relax at the end of a long day, choose cool and soft colours like pastel pinks, greens, or blues. To feel energized, try using warmer colours like rich reds, terracotta or magenta, or brighter hues like lime green and azure blue. If you need a bit of artistic inspiration, give citrus colours a go.

A great way to make your mark is with wall art. Sam Toft is a master at creating humorous yet heart-warming images, creating work that seems to have the effect of a visual hug; an ideal sentiment for such a room.

For a chilled-out feel, pair a soothing natural décor with wall art from Bev Davies. Her neutral palette, and characterful depiction of her wildlife subjects are bound to instill a sense of peace and tranquility.

Dotty Earl's bright blues and citrus palette coupled with a sense of fun and whimsy make her art prints a great choice for a room in which to inspire creativity.

4. Curve Appeal
A longing for a little more 'softness' in our worlds may well be behind the enduring trend for furniture and home design elements with rounded edges.

Emulate the look by adding circular elements to your space with accessories like lamps, vases and rugs, or larger pieces like mirrors, and even furniture like pebble shaped coffee tables and gently curved sofas.

The Lady Grey giant round bean bag from our Interiors collection is a great way to add a bit of comfort whilst following this trend.

The latest collection of original prints from Guy Allen also features circular elements which would elegantly complete this look.

5. Pearlcore
Pearl accessories and detailing are proving to be a closet staple in the fashion world this year, and they are also filtering through to the world of interior styling, through inlaid surfaces, lighting, paint finishes, and other decorative elements.

For best results, home design experts recommend using this trend in moderation, being choosy about where you apply it, and dressing your home with pearlescent accents rather than covering an entire space.

If you want to emulate this look, choose fabrics and homeware accessories with an iridescent finish, like satin, brushed metallics, or pearl embellished accessories like cushions and curtains.

Our Somba Table Lamp has a smoky grey faceted glass base, which creates a beautifully opalescent effect reminiscent of mother of pearl and would make a subtle and classy addition to your room.

The luxury piped Tobia cushion from our Zinc Textile Collection features a digitally printed jacquard velvet, which creates a subtle movement of icy shades and gentle degradé colours to give a pearly effect.

Head over to our online gallery and Interiors website for more inspiration and ideas on how to embrace this Summer's hottest trends.


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