Colour Favourites for the Year Ahead

Colour Favourites for the Year Ahead

With the globe’s leading brands each recently announcing their ‘color of the year’ for 2023, its looking as though we are going to be seeing a shift away from 2022’s calming green and lilac themes and a move towards a selection of warmer and more invigorating hues. 

The popularity of the ‘maximalism’ decor trend could have something to do with this. It is set to continue into 2023, and its focus on bold patterns and highly saturated colours seems to have influenced the colour choices for this year ahead: taking a walk on the more wild and vivid side.

Sarabeth Asaff, Home Design Expert at says of this years newfound adventurousness “for many years now, people have started to embrace bolder colors, but backed off again […] homeowners are finally ready to go big and bold with colors in their home”

Leading North American paint manufacturer, Benjamin Moore & Co’s colour of the year for 2023 is is ‘Raspberry Blush’: a departure from last year’s soft sage green selection, and a “vivacious shade of coral tinged with pink” which they profess “enlivens the senses with an electric optimism.” Their favourite rooms with which to decorate in this colour include dining and living areas (to inspire lively mealtime conversation, encourage entertainment, and stimulate social exchanges), and en suite or downstairs cloakrooms (to provide a rich pop of colour and character in these smaller and less used rooms). 

Benjamin Moore has also compiled a palette of shades to compliment this bold hue in a variety of areas in our homes, about which their Colour Marketing and Development Director, Andrea Magno says “For those who gravitate toward Raspberry Blush's warmth but prefer a more subtle shade, consider Conch Shell. And for those who want a room that wows but favor the opposite side of the color wheel? Starry Night Blue has you covered. […] Brown is making a comeback […]: Cinnamon, a spiced reddish brown, and Wenge, a deep chocolate color. No matter which hue calls your name, go ahead and paint the entire wall so these colors can get all the attention.”


The headlining colour groups in vogue for the year are predicted to be…

Pink and Rose Hues, like rich mauve, deep coral, and dusty pink:

Vibrant orange-red toned pinks energise spaces and add warmth and glow, whilst dusty pinks can be uplifting whilst creating an elegant and sophisticated feel. 




Earth Tones, like terracotta, plum, and ochre:

The earthy tones of 2023 will exude a bohemian and mid-century mood, providing warmth and comfort in our homes, and sitting perfectly alongside the natural tones of currently fashionable wooden furniture. 




Rich, Dark Colors, like brick red, dark jade, and peacock:

These intense jewel colours can be used to create real depth to your scheme, and a space which feels daring, comforting and satisfying. 




Sticking with the ‘warm’ colour theme, colour experts Dulux have also introduced their colour of the year: Wild Wonder™. This glowing yellow tone is said to have been inspired by nature, provides warmth and positivity to a space, and sits comfortably within this year’s championed ‘earth tones’ colour group. 

Secondary colour groups of ‘pastels’ and ‘warm neutrals’ are set to be used to compliment these dominant palettes. They’re also a great way of tempering some of the bolder colours if you’re not quite ready to be fully immersed in bright and bold surroundings.

Another way of introducing some of these on-trend colours into your home is with artwork. A warm neutral wall is the perfect backdrop for any piece. For example, a trio of Bev Davies’ latest limited editions - with their muted natural palette - look beautiful against a soft sunny yellow backdrop.

To introduce a splash of colour to an otherwise neutral scheme, Jen Allen’s original painting ‘Bloom’ with its warm ochre colouring punctuated with a pop of raspberry would be a great addition to the space, reflecting the year’s most up-to-date styling without overpowering it.  

Perhaps you want to build on the maximalism movement and pick a print or painting with bright and bold colours to layer upon a richly decorated room. Rosa Sepple’s print ‘The Cove’ is filled with bold colour and would look great on a wall of rich jade, brick red, or inky peacock. 

Why not thoroughly embrace a vivid coral theme by pairing Dominique Salm’s ‘In Your Own Time’ large scale artist’s proof with a wall awash with rose-coloured paint? 

Whether you choose to make a statement with fearless layering of the year’s most popular bold colours, or to introduce just a few elements of colour to a more neutral scheme, there is a way to use this year’s palette trends in a way to suit everyone. 

Head over to browse through our Interiors collection for home inspiration, or our online gallery for beautiful wall art.



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