Home Decor Trends for Autumn 2022

Home Decor Trends for Autumn 2022

Self-expression is an important part of our lives, helping us to understand and access our unique desires and creativity, leading to a more authentic and fulfilling existence.

And, as our homes have become even larger facets in our lives over the last few years, it stands to reason that the way we decorate them has moved away from the neutral and impersonal, towards something that is more representative of our passions and aspirations.

As trend expert Nick Drew of WeThrift says “For years we have seen the interior scene saturated with beige colours and minimalist living spaces, but now we are seeing interior lovers creating homes that are a statement of their personality,"

Whether this trend has been spurred on by our own motives for how we want to surround ourselves, or by how we wish to present ourselves to others (with Zoom audiences a regularity in our homes now, an attractive room setting can feel more necessary than ever), at the heart of it is an inclination to create a space which is representative of our inner selves.

According to Pinterest, there are five main decor trends headlining this Autumn:

1. Farmhouse

As Country Living magazine says, “Farmhouse style is unfussy and functional, full of pieces that are well-used and well-loved”, so this is a great style choice for those who love nature and the outdoors. This rustic trend exemplifies an appreciation of simple living and can be blended with modern and industrial elements to striking effect. Accessories like serving trays, or larger pieces like cabinets and sideboards in a distressed lacquered finish can create an incredible homely feel and beautiful aesthetic in any setting. Adding artwork with themes of wildlife and the countryside is a wonderful way of enhancing an interior and injecting a farmhouse feel. Two Chasing Pheasants by Josie Appleby sits superbly alongside this traditional wooden farmhouse table and chairs.

2. Nature-inspired

Following on aptly from the farmhouse trend is the desire to add nature-inspired elements in the home, and to invite the outside in. This can be achieved by introducing furniture and accessories in natural materials like wood, stone, and jute; and by encouraging natural light into a space by using sheer window treatments and mirrors to reflect and bounce light around the space. Artwork with naturalistic themes such as landscapes, animals, and seascapes can also transform a room and help create a fresh and congruent space, resonant with the world outdoors. Scottish landscape artist Nicola Wakeling paints breath-taking depictions of windswept Outer Hebridean coastlines, which would work perfectly in combination with soft blue walls and stone-coloured accents to create a room reminiscent of blustery and invigorating walks along the beach. They would also pair beautifully with Dulux’s colour of the year for 2022,
Bright Skies, which they describe as “an airy and fresh tone that opens up and breathes new life into any space”.

3. Bold Patterns

Using bold patterns can inject energy and make your home feel brighter and more vibrant. Pairing bold patterns with a simple layout and uncluttered interior can help showcase the design and prevent a room (or the occupant) from becoming overwhelmed. Bold patterns in neutral colours are another good way of embracing the trend without creating a space which may prove overstimulating or ‘busy’. For example, the Fontanetta and Amiita Cloud rug both feature bold designs in neutral colours, which add texture and interest to a room without overpowering it. If you want to go all-in with the bold pattern look, a piece of simple yet interesting artwork in a neutral palette is a great way to balance the room and complete the look. Check out the characterful range of animal art by Bev Davies, created in a neutral pallette of soft earthy hues.

4. Maximalism

If, however, bold patterns and bright colours sound like your ideal decor, then the Maximalism trend could be the trend for you. This idea encourages excess, from layering patterns and textures, to bathing spaces with a rainbow of highly saturated colours. Homes and Gardens says: “The key to this interior design trend is decorating with vivid hues, luxurious pieces, and exuberant patterns. Invest in lavish looks that wouldn’t look out of place in the grandest of palaces.” A simple way to embrace the theme is to add multiple bursts of colour using brightly hued accessories like cushions and throws. You may want to choose an adventurous colour for your walls or embellish them with a dazzling selection of wall art. Contemporary artist Jen Allen creates paintings which are dynamic and filled with colour. Her latest original piece Tune Up is an abstract figurative composition featuring graphic elements and bold swathes of ochre, jade, and vivid violet which would accompany a decor embellished with the Pantone colour of the year, Very Peri, superbly.

5. Retro

The earthy tones of 1970s interior styling have been embraced and given renewed vitality this year, to create a trend which is free-spirited and informal, with a varied blend of patterns, shapes, and textures. Such elements include soft curved edges, fluffy textiles, and accessories crafted from macrame, rattan and cork. The rounded edges, stitch detailing and rich conker brown finish of our retro leather tables is evocative of the era and deserves pride of place on display as an everyday coffee or side table combination. The furry texture of our luxurious Helen Moore faux fur throws is another great way to give your room a retro vibe, whilst being a practical way to keep warm during the cooler months ahead. The colour palette of limited edition print The Committee by Anthony Dobson complements the earthy hues of this interior with a nod to 70s design and enhances the overall scheme.

If this little round-up has whet your appetite, head over to browse our ‘Interiors’ collection and our online gallery for more inspiration.


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