Boost Your Well-being With a Visit to The Dorset Arts Festival

We all know, now more than ever, how important it is to look after our mental health and well being, just as much as our physical health. And there are lots of things we can do to nurture it.

The Mental Health Foundation suggests that, "Arts can make a powerful contribution to our mental health.” This can take the form of engaging in creative activities, or simply listening to music, attending a performance, or visiting a museum or gallery.

There is an increasing amount of scientific evidence to suggest that spending time admiring art can increase our levels of the mood-stabilising hormone serotonin.

Therefore, attending an Arts Festival, maybe even the Dorset Arts Festival, could help to increase our well being, by providing both visual stimulation, as well as a space for social connection - which the NHS advises is good for our mental health.

Further advice from the NHS states that, "spending time in green space is beneficial to our health and well being", and that taking time to do something for yourself that you enjoy helps to lift your mood and increase happiness.

What's more, a bit of physical activity - even a light stroll around around a sculpture garden - can prompt the release of "feel-good hormones called endorphins, which help us sleep and feel better.”

So whether you're an art lover, a fan of the great outdoors, or you just enjoy a stroll around a peaceful natural environment, the Dorset Arts Festival could be just the thing to lift your spirits and pique your creative interest.

Following on from the success of the FORM Exhibition earlier this year, Simon Gudgeon's Sculpture by the Lakes will be showcasing over 60 Dorset artists and crafters for the award-winning Dorset Arts Festival, from 30th June to 4th July.

Visit their website to book tickets for a beautiful day out in the scenic Pallington countryside, where you can soothe your soul in the tranquil natural environment (dogs and children are not permitted, in order to preserve the feeling of tranquility), enhanced by breathtaking sculpture and incredible arts and crafts.

Take the opportunity to see artists demonstrate their skills - from jewellery making and needle felting, to pottery and painting - and get to witness their creative process in action.

Featured artists include Carla Taylor of The Mousehole Woolery, who will be creating her wonderful wildlife-themed handcrafted wool sculptures; printmaker Paul Cleden, who will be demonstrating his colourful multi-block linocut prints; silversmith Karina Gill, crafting her stunning jewellery designs; and of course Sculpture by the Lakes' own Simon Gudgeon and his beautiful bronze sculpture. 

You can also visit our online gallery for more information about sculptor Simon Gudgeon, and browse and buy from his contemporary collection of bronze sculpture.

Our Sculpture Garden and Gallery is open in the pretty riverside town of Fordingbridge, where you can lift your spirits by browsing our latest collection of sculpture, original art, and limited edition prints in a calm and friendly environment.

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