How to use our 'Virtual Exhibitions' Feature

Watch the video tutorial or follow the simple steps below:  


1. Go to the 'Visit Us' drop down menu and select 'Visit our Virtual Exhibitions'

2. Scroll down to the collection you would like to browse

3. Click 'Enter' to visit the virtual exhibition

4. Use the arrow buttons to navigate your way around the exhibition space

Use the curved arrow buttons to rotate your view 360 degrees

Use the left, right, back, and forward arrows to change direction


To quickly return to the start of the exhibition...

1. Click on the 'options' icon

2. View the dropdown menu of options

3. Click 'Back to Start', to automatically return to the beginning


To search for individual prints...

1. Click the 'options' icon

2. Click 'Artworks' to scroll through the full list of prints included in the exhibition

3. Click on the 'walk' icon next to your chosen print to travel to it

4. Click on the print to view more product information


To find out more about each artist...

1. Use the 'Artworks' option or arrows to travel to the artist's name banner on the wall

2. Click on the artists name banner

3. A window containing the artist's biography will be displayed