Bio : Michael James Talbot

Staffordshire born sculptor Michael James Talbot has an in-depth understanding and methodology to his designs. After gaining his BA honours in sculpture, he attended the Royal Academy of arts before further studying at the Sir Henry Dalton sculpture school.

Inspired by the human form and its dramatic poetry, Michael sees sculpture as his opportunity to create "a theoretical construction, attempting to show and illuminate a chosen moment in time."

Michael's work is recognisable for giving his sculptures a choreography of form, tension and balance, taking creative inspiration from theatre, myth, dance and illusion. Combining this with his exquisite skills is what makes his work so individual, intricate and beautiful. 

He sculpts his work from clay before casting into bronze and uniquely patinating each sculpture himself. The wonder and fascination of the sculpture process enables Michael to create a solid form that can be seen, touched, walked around and yet remain an object of pure spirit.