Spring Cleaning your Home and Great Storage Ideas

That time of year has crept up on us again, when we all have a bit of a clear out and spruce up our homes. It’s time for a Spring clean! 

The key to making the big clean a bit more bearable is to tackle it in stages, room by room, and not all in one day!

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to have a good-old clear out, and get rid of anything that you no longer love, or which is no longer serving a purpose and taking up valuable space in your home.

Clearing the clutter also makes room for a few key pieces in your abode – like a striking side table, or beautiful painting or sculpture – to really make a statement in a room.  

Take a look at this gorgeous blue lacquered side table! It would make an impressive addition to a newly streamlined room, perhaps complimented by a cool glass sculpture like Beatus Vir II?

Famed organising consultant Marie Kondo says that we should keep only those things that "spark joy” in us. Whether you subscribe to the KonMarie method of decluttering, or follow your own form of organisation, you may find that there are some items that you just can't bear to part with.

We have some great storage solutions on our Interiors website to help house these items which are wanted, but not needed to hand. From striking solid wood cabinets, to beautiful trunks, and even lovely leather heirloom or keepsake boxes - we have something to suit every need.

Utilising pieces like these means that you can keep any items that you still hold dear without compromising on style or space.

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