Smoke and Mirrors – How to Create the Illusion of Space and Light in your Home

With the clocks about to change, evenings drawing in and the days somewhat dimmer, October is the time to start finding clever ways of maximising the light in our homes to help create the illusion of space. 

A great place to start is with mirrors. By reflecting light into the darkest corners, and creating ever-changing 'pictures’ by framing the reflected details of your décor, they have the ability to completely transform a space.

A mirror placed next to a window at just the right angle can catch the light and project it throughout the room, optimising natural daylight and reflecting the soothing natural green elements of the outdoors into the comfort of your home.


The romantically rustic look of the Silver Hawthorn Trio Mirror, a set of three rectangular framed mirror panels, overlaid with silvered wood branch detailing, would be the perfect choice for reflecting and framing a beautiful garden aspect into your room.


The larger the mirror, the more light it will reflect, and the more feeling of space it will create. A small hallway can therefore be enhanced by adding a full height mirror, doubling the apparent size of the space, whilst creating a statement, and enabling those all important last minute appearance checks before you leave the house!

The two-meter high Handfinished Bespoke Floor Standing Mirror is a bold and eye-catching piece which could help make your hallway feel bigger, whilst providing texture and interest to your home's design.

Adding lots of mirrors to an entertaining area can give the feeling of an increased number of guests and, in turn, heighten the atmosphere of a gathering. You could try mixing and matching several different frame styles to create an eclectic décor – and great talking point for your guests. 

The classic appearance of the Glynde Mirror, with its distressed ivory with silver and green grey wash frame, would contrast yet compliment the Hassocks Moon Gold Leaf Mirror perfectly, with its traditional yet stylish cracked gesso panel.

It is useful to think about how you use different parts of a room and consider what you would like to see when you are in each of those areas. For example, when sitting in front of the fire, you may want to be able to see a beautiful piece of artwork which is on the wall behind you. Positioning a mirror above the fireplace will reflect the piece so that it is in your eye line.

Country living Magazine advises using the 'rule of thirds' when hanging a mirror over a mantelpiece. They say “Simply take the height of your mantel shelf, double it, and you have the ideal height for the mirror to go above it. The width of the mirror should not be wider than the mantel itself. Once you have chosen the shape, colour and texture of the mirror that best compliments the room, the mirror should be positioned symmetrically without touching the ceiling.”

The simplicity of the bronze Matthew Mirror would make it suited to reflecting artwork. Its large scale and distinctively mid-century style would project without overshadowing artwork.

Encourage the eye to look beyond an empty wall and create the effect of depth by using a mirror to reflect textured objects and statement pieces. This adds a three dimensional quality to an otherwise flat area.

The stunning wood grain pattern of the Macassar Mirror frame would make an ideal piece, providing a striking focal point in itself, whilst boldly framing any details it reflects.

Visit our Interiors website to see our selection of mirrors, and get in touch if you would like us to discuss bespoke mirror options, including size, mirror colour and frame.

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