New Limited Edition Prints for Autumn 2023

New Limited Edition Prints for Autumn 2023

We are thrilled to have launched an enticing collection of vibrant new limited edition prints today. The collection includes work from the ever popular Gary Walton, Dominique Salm, Bev Davies, Nicky Litchfield, Jake Winkle, Sarah Jackson, as well as introducing exciting new marine life artist - Giles Ward.

Giles Ward

Natural world painter, Giles Ward, is renowned for examining the intricate details, patterns and shifting colours of his subjects and presenting them in dynamic close-up style.

His latest collection is sure to be a popular addition to the portfolio, and features playful portrayals of vividly hued herring, textural crustaceans, and a mighty molluscs.

Gary Walton

Gary has created for us a collection of customarily quirky compositions in his own idiosyncratic and fanciful style.

This largely nautically themed and whimsical range includes delightful depictions of humongous hot air balloons, rickety cottages perched on rustic piers, dreamy seaside scenes, and a wealth of weathered water-going vessels bursting with character.

Nicky Litchfield

Popular animal artist Nicky Litchfield's latest contemporary offering features charm filled depictions of scruffy dogs and snooping donkeys. Her affection for her subject matter is clear to see in all of her charismatic pieces, each one expertly portraying the character and movement of the animal, whether it be bounding hares, prowling foxes, inquisitive alpacas, or other quirky creatures.  

Bev Davies

Shropshire based artist Bev Davies’ style is lively and captivating. Her use of a natural colour palette, often punctuated with lively red, energetic brushstrokes and brisk paint spatters capture the sprightly and free nature of her subject perfectly. Her latest collection of preened pooches are presented in an eye-catching magazine cover style. Entitled 'Dogue' this collection makes a cheeky canine nod to leading fashion and lifestyle publications, and lends a sense of interest and humour to her animal subjects. Check out the quirky series which includes a selection of characterful, goofy, and demure dogs in a variety of humorous and elegant poses.

Dominique Salm

Dominique has added to her distinct, quirky, and original collection of limited edition prints - this time with some striking work on a bovine theme. Merging realism with dramatic graphic style, her latest two pieces 'Have you Heard?' and 'Locked Horns' feature a wonderfully monochrome row of friesian cows, and lustrous highland cattle respectively. Her unmistakable style is truly eye-catching and generates a distinctly modern aesthetic.

Jake Winkle

Dorset based wildlife artist Jake Winkle’s work is vibrant and full of energy. His lively use of colour and bold splashes of paint wholly reflect the movement and vitality of his animal subjects.

His latest effervescent collection features a lively canine trio depicted bounding playfully towards the observer, and a stunning portrayal of a colourful crane pair brimming with grace and elegance.

Sarah Jackson

We introduced award-winning Sarah’s natural world themed artwork earlier this Summer, and we are very pleased with her popularity so far. Created using innovative collage techniques and recycled magazines, her work is so intricately crafted that it is often mistaken for paintings. This rich and colourful collection includes depictions of fauna from all around the world, including mighty marine life and vibrant aquatic birds.

Head over to our online gallery to browse and buy from our full collections, or have a wander around our virtual exhibition of these latest limited edition prints.

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