Meet the Artist - Nicky Litchfield

Nicky has produced for us a delightful compilation of contemporary pieces full of character and charm. The traditional subject matter of hares and livestock have often been at the heart of her images.

We are thrilled to have just added two more pieces to our Collier & Dobson collection, so now is the perfect time to learn a bit more about the artist behind these captivating creations.

As a child Nicky spent her weekends and summers at her grandparents’ farm, and it was here that her love of animals began.

This affection is clear to see in each of her charismatic pieces, each one expertly depicting the character and movement of animals, whether it be bounding hares, prowling foxes, nosy donkeys and other quirky creatures.

Nicky enjoys creating her popular pastel pieces, recognisable by their lively use of line, texture and tone, in her studio in the picturesque village of Hurst Green in the Ribble Valley.

She can often be found out and about in the stunning countryside, gaining inspiration and sketching with her companion, Max the dog, by her side.

Now, Nicky also has her own gallery in a beautiful little courtyard in the town of Clitheroe, with open days and visits available with her by appointment.

Visit our website to view her full range of original drawings and limited edition prints.

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