Meet the Artist - Jo Quigley

We have just released a new collection of London-centric limited edition prints from talented award-winning artist Jo Quigley.

Jo's distinctive contemporary cityscapes are extremely popular. Her clever use of light and shadow creates striking compositions, which capture the attention, then invite the observer to look more closely to discover the underlying stories of the people she has portrayed. She admits that one of her aims is to "create work that is ambitious in scale and complexity and that encourages the viewer to take a closer look and get involved in the many characters."

Although she is now concentrating on creating her own paintings full time, Jo was previously an art tutor for many years. An experience she draws on to this day in order to write articles - several of which been published by The Artist magazine.

She began her progression into a career in art with her BA at Winchester School of Art, then graduated from Kingston University in 1996 with an MA in Fine Art.

Citing influence by artists such as Danish-French Impressionist and Neo-Impressionist painter Pissarro, American Realist and printmaker Hopper, and English artist Lowry, Jo says she is endlessly fascinated by people going about their business in the urban environment.

Living close by in Woking, she is able to take frequent trips to London where she likes to quietly observe and photograph people going about their daily lives - the foundation of her creative works.

She says "My inspiration comes from life itself, and my favourite subjects are wildlife and people...I have been fascinated with people in an urban environment. I am fortunate living so close to a big city where it is easy to observe and photograph people going about their daily lives. I like places which are busy and where people congregate – the Southbank and Trafalgar Square have become particular favourites."

Her passion for our capital is evident in her collection, with its rich culture, impressive architecture and bustling crowds - as is her fondness for the work of Lowry, who famously created depictions of industrial districts, densely populated with stylised figures. His work largely lacked an obvious light source, and the folk featured in his scenes cast no shadows. Jo, however, takes full advantage of the changing seasons, climatic fluctuations and the transitioning of the day, with her skilful application of long bold shadows, and angular branches reaching up into a soft apricot or azure blue sky.

This latest bright and bold collection conjures up thoughts and memories of leisurely walks on dazzling winter days, and the excitement of being part of the throng of people eager to share experiences over an open-air coffee, enjoying a ride on a carousel, or taking in the spectacular panoramic view of The Thames.

Over the years Jo has been shortlisted for a number of major awards including BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year (2011), Surrey Artist of the Year (2011), Artist and Illustrators artist of the Year (2013 and 2014) and, unsurprisingly, a great many local 'Best Landscape' awards, including Farnham Art Society Annual Exhibition (2017).

For art collectors and lovers of the urban landscape alike, it is fortunate that Jo's work can be found at Art Fairs and galleries the length and breadth of country. She regularly exhibits at The Affordable Art Fair with The Art Agency, The London Art Fair, Surrey Contemporary Art Fairs, and has recently had a solo show at The Dart Gallery, Dartmouth.

You can also find her latest collection of limited edition prints, available both mounted or mounted and framed, on our online gallery.

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