Meet the Artist – Jake Winkle

You may be familiar with Dorset artist Jake Winkle's lively and spontaneous wildlife watercolours, but there is much to learn about the charismatic artist himself too.

Jake has long been a part of the Collier & Dobson portfolio. Perfectly placed are his exuberant and colourful depictions of animals and birds within our popular wildlife and equestrian dominated offerings.

Inspired by light and movement Jake says his paintings are reflections of the world around him, affirming he is “inspired by shape, colour, mark-making and movement...[wildlife] allows me to explore all of these qualities”.

This assertion can be clearly seen in colourful prints Hare Spray and Road Runner – both of which embody the sense of speed and movement of his subjects by using lively and bold 'sprays' of colour against softer washes of translucent pigment, and brisk strokes to create the main form.

He also takes great pleasure in sharing the artistic techniques that lead to his distinctive signature style (his brushes of choice are from the Luxartis range, incidentally). So whether you are an amateur artist, creative hobbyist, or simply interested in 'giving art a go', there are a number of ways that you can take
advantage of the considerable skills being offered by this award-winning artist.

A regular contributor to The Artist Magazine, Jake is passionate about encouraging creativity in others, and demonstrates masterclasses all over the Country, as well as teaching at his Dorset studios.

Early last month Jake offered a 'painting holiday' with Alpha Holidays in the Wye valley where he guided artists of all abilities through a step-by-step of “how to make best use of colour, shape, tone and mark making...creating wonderful lively watercolours”.

He also hosted his second residential art course with Big Sky Art, Norfolk, this month following a hugely popular event with them in early 2020...with another due in March next year!

If you prefer to get creative in the comfort of your own home, Jake has recently been embracing the current 'zoom age' and hosting online watercolour tutorials, with participants of his September event having had access to pre-recorded demonstrations for a limited time to join in with and have a go at
painting 'Old Father Time' (a rather grand looking elephant head study) at their leisure in their own homes.

We have an equally grand pachydermic print by Jake on our online Gallery – Old Timer – for you to admire...or purchase to adorn your wall at home!

There are also, to date, three instructional DVDs of which Jake is the subject, produced by Townhouse Films, entitled From Dark to Light, Light and Movement in Watercolour, and Going Wild in Watercolour.

In 2012 Jake's book, Light and Movement in Watercolour, was first released. Co-written with Robin Capon, it aims to equip the reader with a number of ways to emulate his painting style with readers remarking “this book is both lovely to browse and really informative guide to painting in his style.”

The book also beautifully describes Jake's style: “[his] loose, fresh and spontaneous style of painting is very popular. His paintings are full of light and movement and a key feature of his technique is that he doesn't work in the traditional way of light to dark but by placing the darks first. Watercolours are often spoiled by a desire to be entirely truthful to the subject matter, which can lead to a painting that is overworked and tight. Jake's loose approach avoids those problems. He looks at subject simplification and shows how to focus on shapes rather than objects and, by painting what you see and not what you know, demonstrates how to capture the essence of the scene with freshness and clarity.”

The coltish 'essence' of the zany zebras in his original painting Cheeky Chaps and wily cheetahs in Band of Brothers, is captured perfectly. His free style lends itself to the humorous yet faithful depictions of these creatures, with the bold and diverse palette alluding to the wildness of the subjects.

If you're more of an observer than a painter then Jake's stunning original paintings and limited edition prints are bound to delight. His style is bold and dramatic, whilst his wet in wet, dry brush, and mark making watercolour techniques lend a light and loose quality to his colourful and passionate pieces.

Admirers of his work are in good company, as Jake can count being a finalist in the Daily Mail's 'Not The Turner Prize' competition; twice winning his category and best in show at the Marwell International Wildlife Art Society's annual exhibition; being awarded the prestigious St. Cuthberts Mill award for best
watercolour at the Society of Equestrian Artist's annual show; and having paintings commissioned by notable organisations such as The National Trust among his many accolades.

Head over to our online gallery to browse and buy from his latest collection of characterful framed paintings and prints.

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