Meet the Artist - Heather M Nisbet

We are pleased to have recently introduced Heather M Nisbet and her colourful contemporary compositions to the Collier & Dobson portfolio of limited edition prints.

Bold and captivating, we know you're going to love her work, and we are here to help you get to know and love the artist herself too

Heather lives and works in Kirkcudbright, in Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland, and says "it is a privilege and a pleasure [to live there]. Kirkcudbright is a place famous for its quality of light - something which has, over the years, drawn many artists to this part of the world."

She loves to spend her days painting in the studio and walking around her home town with her Jack Russell terrier, sketching and taking photos to use to create new work.

"Mostly my days are spent head down painting...or out on my bike looking for something to photograph or sketch - but if I've done or seen anything particularly interesting I'll be giving you a flavour of it here." 

Her work is contemporary in style, depicting cool-hued harbours and jostling boats, beautifully composed and textured still life, colourful landscapes of patchwork fields and characterful cottages. She sketches her work in charcoal, before using acrylic paints and others mediums - like oil sticks and pastels - to produce her signature tactile effect. She says:

"I like the results you get when you smudge a charcoal line and apply dilute paint to it; some of the charcoal flows into the colour, which can add texture and a bit more interest to the image. Occasionally I'll then apply more charcoal and other media on top, and then I blend and fix it all with the finishing varnish." 

After training with the Open College of the Arts, and attending night classes at The Glasgow School of Art, Heather continued to develop her drawing skills and painting techniques.

Having spent years in Glasgow, Heather moved back to Kirkcudbright in 2014. Influenced by her surroundings, before moving back there, she says that she "didn't used to use green very much" in her paintings, but the lush landscapes of Dumfries and Galloway have meant that she is now using so much of this colour she keeps having to restock on tubes of paint!

During the first COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, Heather began working on new paintings, depicting calm and serene views, reflecting her love of a "quiet scene" in which to live.

Visit our website to browse and buy from Heather's captivating range of limited edition art prints.

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