Meet the Artist – George Bingham

Residing in the Dorset countryside, George is provided with a wealth of inspiration from which to draw, and to create his breathtaking wildlife sculptures.

His wildlife studies are well characterised and sympathetic, from the spectacular in-flight depictions of mighty Osprey, to the balletic Mare and Foal, and the contemplative Soldier and Horse.

Originally trained as a goldsmith at Theo Fennell's bench, he now utilises his well-honed skills of forming metals through a process of filing, forging, casting and polishing in his current capacity as an eminent sculptor, shaping wax or clay models which are then cast in bronze or silver.

Entirely self taught as a sculptor, his style is traditional, precise, and extremely accomplished. He says “I enjoy the challenge of working on an idea from life through observation. I am always astounded at the alchemy of the foundry that transforms the clay maquette into a bronze realisation of my idea; although with lots of filing and patination to be done beforehand.”

A true craftsman, he also runs a successful Design, Build and Project Management company, restoring and remodelling houses, many of which are listed, to which he “brings the eye of an artist, combined with immense technical knowledge and experience”.

George sculpts a range of subjects from wildlife to figurative, with an emphasis on horses, racing and hunting.

And, whilst his creative and technical background can't fail to have enhanced his sculpting abilities, his decade spent as a point-to-point jockey has clearly influenced the calibre of his pieces.

Indeed, the details and 'feel' for a horse which is clearly demonstrated in his work can only be achieved by such a profound understanding, experience and knowledge of the animal.

Inspired by artists such as Munnings, Snaffles and Armour, and the 19th Century animalier sculptors Barye, Fremiet and Bonheur, his equestrian work extends from the Classical imagery of the horse, through to scenes from the beginning of the last century.

Geoffrey Hughes, Director of The Osborne Studio Gallery, who have hosted solo shows for George commented: "We have found with George that it is his intimate knowledge of rural life, coupled with his eye for detail which he gained from his previous vocation as a goldsmith that singles his work out as having a life and power all of its own."

Whilst animals are the primary focus for his remarkable pieces, he does also embark on the creation of figurative pieces. A good example of which is his Cresta Rider, a lifesize depiction of a rider of the natural ice skeleton toboggan track in St. Moritz, Switzerland. A fascinating demonstration of it's creation
can be found in George's making-of slide show.

As well as holding solo exhibitions in London, St. Moritz, and Dubai, over his career George has completed numerous private commissions, including the high profile WWI Equine War Memorial (unveiled by HRH The Princess Royal), and various commissions for Krug Champagne, The St Moritz Tobogganing Club, and British Polo Day, to name just a few.

Head over to his collection on our online gallery to browse and buy from his portfolio of beautiful bronze sculpture.

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