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Meet the Artist - Gary Walton

Posted on February 25, 2021 by Laura - | 0 comments

It is a mere 18 months since we welcomed Gary Walton to the Collier & Dobson fold in late 2019 - at the Birmingham NEC Autumnfair - and his beautiful collection of Fine art prints have fast become a big hit.

We are sure the brand new collection of limited edition prints, recently launched, will prove just as popular, so why not find out a little more about the creator of this stunning collection? 

Depicting dreamy landscapes and fantastical scenes in his own unique personal style, of his work, Gary says:

"After being given an opportunity to explore and pursue my artistic skills I wanted to be different from all the other artists, so started to develop my own unique personal style. It’s very whimsical, romantic and happy; quirky, two-dimensional with a slight intriguing air of fantasy combined with a twist of reality within.

A love of the coast, and passion for Surrealism is clear to see in his atmospheric and dream-like compositions - sprinkled as they are with the recurring themes of starlight glittering on waves, boats bobbing in harbours, and lighthouses illuminating dusky skies. 

Gary was born in Worcester in 1962, and was fascinated with painting - any shape or form - from a very young age.

At the age of 8, he was given a paint-by-numbers set, which quickly alerted his parents to his passion for painting, and his budding skills as an artist.  

Although he demonstrated a talent for art from an early age, he progressed through the school system and straight into a rather conventional job, before much later moving back to his real passion - art.

He transitioned into the art world slowly at first, starting as a semi professional for several years - selling his art to private collectors and gaining a reputation as a talent to be applauded - before eventually making the move full time.

Thankfully, for art lovers and collectors, he is now a prolific painter and both his sought-after original paintings and limited edition prints are available to purchase. 

Visit our website to browse and buy from Gary's collection of original paintings and limited edition prints.

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