Meet the Artist - Dotty Earl

We are delighted to have recently introduced Dotty Earl and her wonderfully whimsical paintings to the Collier & Dobson portfolio of limited edition prints.

We're sure her work will be a big hit, so now is just the time to introduce her work and help you get to know the artist herself. 

Drawn to art and painting from a young age, Dotty was born and grew up on the Wirral. She now lives in a small Yorkshire village, where her love of painting has only intensified.  

Using a range of mixed media - from chalk and pastels over watercolour, creating a soft and dreamlike quality, to acrylic paint on canvas board for a heavy textured feel - she enjoys bringing bright and colourful characters to life through her artwork, with the hope of making people smile.

Dotty was inspired to start creating, in part, by her father, who would decorate the ceilings of old cinemas and dance halls.

Later, she would study art at Wirral Metropolitan College, before attaining a degree in Film and Animation at the University of Humberside. 

Following her studies, Dotty spent many years employed as a digital artist and animator, predominantly within the computer entertainment industry.

Dotty eventually moved into a freelance role, continuing her work in computer games, but also branching into designing art for clothing lines, and illustrating several globally published novels, inspired by her interests in dark fairytales, alternative music, and 50s’s fashion.

In 2020, during the first National lockdown due to the COVID 19 pandemic, Dotty created several portraits of NHS keyworkers, one of which has been included in The Portraits For NHS Heroes coffee table book - an initiative started by Tom Croft to help honour keyworkers and raise money for NHS charities.

Browse and buy from Dotty's range of new limited edition art prints on our website.

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Your art is beautiful….it is a joy to look at….thank you xxxxx


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