Meet the Artist - Anna Wright

Meet the Artist - Anna Wright

Early last month we welcomed artist and illustrator Anna Wright to Collier & Dobson, and launched a selection of her characterful works as limited edition prints. So now is a great time to tell you more about this talented artist, her journey, artistic techniques, and creative inspirations. 

Anna grew up amongst the rolling countryside and varied wildlife of Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.

Her interest in drawing, making and narrative directed her to study at Edinburgh College of Art, originally intending to pursue Costume or Textile Design, Anna instead found herself swayed towards illustration.

She subsequently blended her passion for the natural world with her love of interiors, textile and wallpaper design to develop her own (now trademark) compositional style.

Her works are often collages that use a mixture of Indian Ink, paint, fabric, feathers and the odd expressive splatter. She says of her illustrative work “I just love textile and colour […] That is why I often use fabric in my work."

After graduating, Anna initially moved to live and work in London but soon moved back to Scotland, where she felt at home and most inspired. She established her successful design and illustration business in Edinburgh and is now living and working back home where she grew up.

Her studio is a veritable treasure trove of ink pots, fabric scraps, feathers, and paints. On any given day you are likely to find her there, sketching or delving into her chest of vintage fabrics.

Anna has gained a loyal and extensive following throughout the UK and across the world and offers a wide variety of her characterful works as a range of cards, prints and gifts. Her original artworks are in demand and her work has featured in publications such as House and Garden, Country Life, and Artists & Illustrators.

She says “With my work I like to express humour and character. And the nicest thing is when people say that it makes them laugh. Or that they look at a picture every morning and it just makes them smile.”

Anna has illustrated a number of children’s books including A Tower of Giraffes - featuring fanciful portrayals of collective nouns; The Twelve Days of Christmas - a sumptuous visual reimagining of the popular Christmas carol; and Magnificent Creatures - a visual treat described as her “stunning introduction to non-fiction and the natural world [...] enlivened by her gorgeously sophisticated and fun art style”.

What is interesting and unique about her work is that it is true to life, but at the same time she brings such a decorative and rich aspect to it […] she heightens the ‘real’ […] brings humour to them […] and does it in an absolutely beautiful way

- Leah Thaxton, Children's Publisher, Faber & Faber

Collier & Dobson are delighted to be able to offer a captivating collection of Anna’s work as Fine Art limited edition prints. Please head over to our online gallery to see her latest work.

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