Meet the Artist - Adam Binder

Award winning Adam's beautiful bronze sculptures depict a menagerie of different wildlife subjects, and showcase an incredible skill for patination.

From exquisite lounging leopards, through artful armadillos, to delicate and dainty garden birds, it is clear to see that every animal he chooses is acutely observed in its natural habitat.

So well observed are his subjects, that he is able to remove all of their extraneous details without losing any of the faithfulness to their appearance and character.

His work shows not only an in-depth knowledge of his subject, but also a keen sense for the more abstract qualities of line, form, colour and texture. His sculptures are about suggestion, subtle movement, and the essence of the animal.

It is not surprising then that these beautifully composed sculptures have gained him several awards, international recognition, and a strong following.

In 2010, Adam won the prestigious David Shepherd Foundation Wildlife 'Artist of the Year Award'. On receiving the accolade, Adam said “I am absolutely thrilled to have won the David Shepherd Foundation Wildlife Artist of the Year 2010. My Bronze Polar Bear 'Sinking Feeling' won the Sculpture category and then went on to win the overall competition”.

David Shepherd, who was on the judging panel, praised Adam’s work saying “The competition attracted a fantastic range of work from artists from all over the world, but Adam's work was so beautifully tactile that we couldn’t resist ”.

In 2011 Adam went on to win the award for the second year in a row, in the sculpture category, and was subsequently elected a Member of the Society of Wildlife Artists. 

All of Adam's Bronze Wildlife Sculptures are made locally in the heart of the beautiful Cotswolds, where he grew up.

The majority of his work is cast by Sculpture Castings foundry, Basingstoke, and hand patinated by Head Patinator and fellow sculptor Adam Paddon.

The foundry specialises in the lost-wax bronze casting process – during which a wax reproduction of the sculpture is created and given a ceramic shell. The wax is then replaced with molten bronze and an enduring sculpture is born. Find out more about the process here.

The idyllic environment of escarpments, rolling hills and valleys of the Cotswolds AONB awakened his senses to the beauty of the natural world, and it is this appreciation and affection which has been his inspiration for more than 25 years. 

Recently Adam's sublime 12ft bronze polar bear sculpture, Boris, was one of his works featured at the Sculpture by the Lakes FORM exhibition. His work made up some of the 200 pieces from Britain's best sculptors to be showcased in the breathtaking setting of the Dorset countryside sculpture park.

Before then, Boris had been on display at London Zoo, where he was installed to symbolise the plight of polar bears, to help raise awareness for this magnificent species under threat.

One of Adam's latest pieces, Adrift, is a melancholic depiction of a polar bear, seen clinging to an iceberg - denoting his plight at the melting of his glacier habitat. The small scale piece, is both thought-provoking and beautiful in its simplicity, and is available on our website.

Whether you are interested in Adam's large scale outdoor installations like Cache Prize (a delightful representation of a cheeky pair of squirrels scampering over a giant acorn!) and Swan, or smaller pieces like Koala and Sparrow in Birdcage, you are bound to find something that will capture your heart from his remarkable portfolio of bronze sculpture.

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