Meet the Artist - Aaminah Snowdon

Artist Aaminah Snowdon’s expressive watercolour and acrylic artwork depicting farm animals, wildlife and pets is instantly recognisable. Her paintings have become well loved and highly sought after by art collectors and animal lovers alike.

With the addition of three NEW lively limited edition prints to her collection, now is a great time to find out a little more about the artist whose work has captured the hearts of so many.

 Aaminah was born in North Yorkshire, where a life-long fondness for animals was cultivated, and which led to her present day honouring of them in illustrative form.

 As well as painting animals, she is actively involved in animal rescue missions and regularly donates profits from her work to animal charities, notably The Wildlife Haven in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.

This love of wildlife and warmth of character is clear to see in her compositions, which are full of life and brimming with joy.  

Working on watercolour paper using acrylic paints, Aaminah paints quickly using lively and spontaneous brushstrokes and bold, vibrant colours to impress the quirkiness, movement and character of her subjects into the painting. She completes each painting with its own witty and fun title.
“I strive to produce paintings that create smiles and laughter and that the viewer can relate to.”

Visiting art museums is a favourite pastime of hers. She appreciates the vast array of painting styles, composition and subject matter and favours the eccentric and unusual.
Aaminah was always drawn to art, and her creative potential was clear from an early age. At just seven she received acclaim and won a school competition by painting a rather surreal whale blowing out multi-coloured water spouts!
Her academic success continued in 2012, when she earned a 1st Class Honours Degree in Ancient History at The University of Birmingham.  

Soon after, she decided to pursue a career in art, with a focus on developing her own unique style that would combine her interests: animals, humour, eccentricity, bold colours and energy.

Aaminah is currently completing building work on a new home studio, which she hopes to be able to welcome visitors to early in 2021.
Visit our website to browse and buy from Aaminah’s energetic and ever popular collection of limited edition prints and original paintings.

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