Illuminate your Home with the Hottest Lighting Trends for 2021

When it comes to finishing touches in many an interior space, lighting can sometimes be a bit of an afterthought, or even overlooked completely.

Lighting, however, is just as important as the colours we have carefully selected to paint our walls, the fabulous furniture and comfy cushions we have chosen, and even the eye-catching artwork we have mounted on the walls.

The atmosphere of a room can be influenced by our lighting choices – be they overhead spotlights, low hanging pendants, or wall mounted uplighters. Each choice illuminates a space in a different way, and has the ability to add (or minimise) texture and warmth.

Well placed illumination can enhance the colours in your room, highlight key pieces of furniture and artwork, and even elevate your mood.

But lights don't only highlight what is already in a room – a beautifully crafted table lamp or vibrantly coloured lampshade can be a focal point in a room itself.

With the brightest days of Summer now behind us, now is a great time to start addressing your home lighting and brightening your surroundings with an eye-catching and luminescent lamp.

According to Homes & Gardens some of the key lighting trends for 2021 include...

...the use of warm metal elements like Bold Brass – beautifully illustrated by the Blakeley Brass Aged Lamp and Bastide Floor Lamp on our Interiors website;

...injecting vitality to spaces through colour and pattern – our Odyssey Green Table Lamp features a bold olive green hue, with bronze lining, and textured base, and the bright red London Floor Lamp mixes clean retro lines with bright colour to make a statement in any room;

...table and floor lamps with bold sculptural designs – the artistic design of our Flux Nickel Table Lamp and wonderfully wild Bird Table Lamp, ensures that they provide interest even when not in use;

...ceiling lights moving from being purely functional to creating a focal point or dramatic centrepiece – our beautifully sleek and simple putty white School Lights are perfect for adding a cool industrial edge to your interior design;

...and choosing bold statement pieces like interesting texture and coloured glass – our Somba Table Lamp with its iridescent charcoal faceted base, Apollo Clear Glass Table Lamp and lustrously oyster glazed Paris Antique Green Table Lamp fit the bill perfectly.

Now, forearmed with the latest lighting 'loves', head over to our Interiors website to browse and buy from our full collection of Floor Lamps, Table Lamps and Lampshades, and find the perfect piece to bring your décor up to date.

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