From Bronze Sculptures to Original Paintings: Art to Look Out For in February

As we say goodbye to 2020, and sluggishly move past ‘Blue Monday’ in January, we are probably left with a lack of motivation and energy for the year to come.

Instead of dragging your heels through February and wishing your way into spring, why not explore some new artwork to lift your mood and liven up your home? 

Going rustic

Louise O’Hara starts our roundup of February picks with a limited edition print that brilliantly captures the essence of country living.

A Patch Over the River has a gentle, unassuming charm suitable for any room in your home. Pair this print with a mounted frame for a clean, eye-catching look.  

Next on our list is a unique piece hand-crafted by Adam Binder.

Blue Tit Plaque is a gorgeous bronze sculpture that brings to life the idyllic countryside scenes from the Cotswolds where he grew up.

What’s more, this sculpture is only 1 of 12, and signed by Adam himself. This can be mounted in your garden or patio for a more authentic, weathered look.

If you’re not quite ready to get the hammer and nails out, then Adam’s Two Sparrows sculpture might be more suitable.

Its free-standing frame means you’re able to move it with ease, which is perfect if you want it to take pride of place in your home in the winter period. 

If you’ve missed out on your yearly holiday, or just want a way to escape from everyday life, then Gary Walton’s collection is the perfect remedy for your winter blues.

His new limited edition prints will be available later this month, and offer a wide range of nautical necessities for your home.

Gary also has some spectacular original oil paintings in his repertoire. The Boney Fish mixes fantasy with realism, which will likely find you reminiscing over your childhood summer holidays.

This painting comes with a hand-finished frame, and a certificate of authenticity, which makes for a great gift! 

Find your perfect piece

If the pieces above didn’t take your fancy, why not check out the rest of our online store to see what we have on offer? At Collier & Dobson, we have a vast array of sculpture, original artwork, and limited edition prints to suit every taste.

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