Easter Paintings that Showcase the Best of British Wildlife

As Easter draws closer, the collective sighs of relief knowing we can visit loved ones again is palpable. What could be better than freshly baked hot cross buns, eggs in chocolate nests, and a delicious roast dinner to enjoy...altogether. 

Whilst a lunch spread might be the main event for some, one activity that sees a huge uptake during this time are country walks. As April opens its doors, a whole swathe of animals start to open their tired eyes, and the skies begin to echo the harmonious notes of a beautiful dawn chorus, making it the perfect backdrop for an afternoon stroll.The 22nd of April also celebrates Earth Day, which ties in perfectly with the theme of nature and the environment!

We at Collier & Dobson are proud to host a range of artists whose work showcases the best of British wildlife, and in this article we will be sharing some of our top Easter picks to give your home that sense of beauty and serenity every day of the year.

One of the most synonymous animals associated with British wildlife, especially in the spring, is the beautiful but humble pheasant. Bev Horsley’s ‘Game Bird' uses acrylics to create different textures in a dynamic way to capture the pheasant’s bold colouring; a technique owed to her years working as an illustrator and art director. Each of Bev’s paintings have a distinct sense of life and character, giving the animals a unique personality and style.

In contrast, Josie Appleby’s ‘The Partridges’ offers a quiet, unassuming take on the East Anglian borne game bird. Her use of oils on canvas helps to create an intimate sense of realism, where the viewer feels like they’re witnessing a candid moment of nature that is unaware of their presence.

Keeping in line with animals we find in vast numbers in the British countryside, Becky Mair’s ‘Dash Hare’ uses acrylic paint on a board to create a unique take on wildlife in motion. Becky uses the acrylics straight from the tube to achieve these intricate, meandering textures and lines, which ultimately results in a painting that has a bold three-dimensional effect.

Finally on our list is Debbie Boon’s ‘Fawn’ which perfectly captures the experience of being immersed in nature by using simple elements and layers to convey the energy and vibrancy of Britain’s wildlife at its finest. Debbie’s work sits within traditional and contemporary settings, with work being showcased in boutique venues such as Michael Cain’s restaurant in the Royal Clarence Hotel in Exeter.

Visit our shop to find more paintings of British Wildlife from a range of artists, styles, and techniques. 

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