Countryside Winter Walks in the UK, and Their Artistic Influence

We are blessed in the UK, with millions of acres of glorious countryside in which to admire the flora and fauna, and enjoy a seasonal stroll.

What makes the British countryside so great is the variety of natural environments, from green rolling hills, dense ancient woodlands and wild coastlines, to fields and villages peppered with footpaths and meandering waterways.

The landscape evolves throughout the year, the ambience altering as cloud cover changes, light varies, and temperature fluctuates, presenting a plethora of panoramas from season to season ... and even moment by moment.

So tumultuous and captivating is scenic England, and so keen the urge to indulge in a rural ramble, that both have been an influence to artists time and time again.

As Daily Art Magazine says “...the British landscape presents a constant challenge to artists to capture its elusive moods. Landscape painting is deeply soulful, often telling stories of homeliness and comfort. At the same time it can be filled with desperate longing, desolation.”

In the early 19th Century renowned landscape painters John Constable and JMW Turner were masters of the subject, using light and atmosphere to depict romantic scenes reflecting the beauty and harmony of rural England.

Contemporary art is influenced still, as can be seen in the whimsically narrative work of Joe Ramm, in such pieces as The Windmill, which features a woman and her dogs joyfully ambling through undulating hills, woven with stony paths, and lined by bristly bracken and wind-wrought trees.

The National Trust will also attest to the joy of a good winter walk in rural UK, citing “A great family day out doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. Sometimes just going for a walk can be fun, educational and a chance to make special memories together and share some quality time. From
exploring rivers and the coast, to woodland escapades and making natural discoveries”.

Fittingly, one of their numerous heritage locations is an enchanting Sculpture Trail at Sutton Hoo, Suffolk, where 15 sculptures depicting “beasts of Anglo-Saxon design” have been carved from locally sourced Oak and Sweet Chestnut by local artists and dotted throughout the magnificent woodland for
visitors to admire.

In the resplendent county of Dorset, Sculpture by the Lakes, is a “haven of peace and tranquility” created by sculptor Simon Gudgeon to showcase his breath-taking pieces in the awe-inspiring Pallington gardens. Simon's work is recognisable for its smooth style which encapsulates the essence and spirit of
nature. Sublime large-scale pieces like Pelicans sit proudly yet sympathetically, at once punctuating and framing their stunning natural surroundings. You can visit the 26 acres of gardens and partake in a leisurely wander through its picturesque surroundings, which both inspires and is enhanced by Simon's artistic installations.

Chris Ross Williamson's characterful artwork revolves around a central character and his canine companion delighting in their expeditions to a variety of British inland and seaside locations. Recently released limited edition prints The Tinkling and The Ferry Path are fabulously festive offerings of the doting pair wrapped up warm and wandering through snowy scenes. The winter season is unmistakably represented by trees and their bare branches cutting ghostly, yet comforting, figures as they reach out into the icy atmosphere.

In Hampshire, we have plenty of places to wander and take-in the vibrant vistas. The New Forest is particularly impressive at this time of year, from its dazzling holly bushes and frost covered flora, to an abundance of wildlife including ponies, donkeys and deer. With fewer leaves on the trees, Winter is also a great time to try and spot Treecreepers and Woodpeckers. Wildlife artists like Aaminah SnowdonAnthony Dobson, Nicky Litchfield and Bev Davies would certainly be spoiled for inspiration here.

After a pleasurable day of exploring the Forest and surrounding areas, why not pop in and see us at our gallery in Fordingbridge. Where you will find lots of landscape, country walk, and wildlife themed sculpture, original art, and prints to take back home with you as a lasting memory...or maybe an
extra special Christmas gift.

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