Brighten your Home this September with New Framed Prints

Now that the brighter days of Summer are behind us, why not look at brightening your home by adorning your walls with beautiful artwork?

A source of inspiration and ideas for your home décor, Architecture Art Designs, contemplate the significant impact that adding wall art to your home can have.

They say “A house with blank walls lacks energy and character, which essentially reflects on the home’s overall gives a sense of structure, ease, and inspiration to your place. Finding a print that speaks to you is probably the most crucial aspect of bringing art into your home.”

We agree! Wall art helps to define the character of your space, and acts as an extension of your personality, so it is a good idea to choose something that you connect with and which brings you joy – whether that is the artistic style, the subject or the colour palette.

Another way to choose art prints for your home is to consider the tone of the room in which you wish to display it and ensure that the piece you select matches the tone. For example, social spaces like living and dining rooms can accommodate bolder and more vibrant pieces, whereas places of relaxation, like bedrooms and bathrooms, may be better suited to pictures in soothing and natural tones.

We have a large portfolio of artwork available on our website from a number of popular artists, in a variety of styles and subjects for you to seek inspiration from – and we are sure you will find something you love.

At the beginning of September we released a fabulous new collection of limited edition prints from artists Sam Toft, Gary Walton, Bev Davies, and Jo Quigley...and an exciting new selection of prints will be introduced to our portfolio next week from brand new artist – Chris Ross Williamson. 

Sam's artwork is always a popular choice – whether treating oneself or someone else – and her latest limited editions feature her known-and-loved characters The Mustards and their menagerie of animal companions. Sam's open heart and indefatigable sense of humour shines through in her paintings, and each piece is created in her own inimitable style, using mixed media, pencil, oil pastels, and coloured inks in delicious ice-cream colours.

Barefoot in the Bluebells is a gloriously colourful piece showing Mr and Mrs Mustard joyfully skipping through the forest in early Spring. The enchanting carpet of blue-violet juxtaposing a warm yellow sunlit sky is ideal for brightening up a bare white wall...or even providing contrast against a darker backdrop. Browse Sam's full collection here.

A passion for Surrealism and a love of the coast is unmistakably apparent in highly sought-after Gary Walton's latest print offering. The prolific painter has created a range which whimsically depicts fantastical fishing villages and dreamy scenes of crooked cottages perched on top of towering grassy rock formations.

The sweeping panoramic arrangement of The Blue Kipper, in soft and soothing tones, would compliment and add interest to a simple white or grey décor – the cool blues reminiscent of sea spray, and invigorating days spent on the bracing coastline. Browse Gary's full collection here.

Following on from the success of her debut collection earlier this year, we are over the moon with Bev's new print portfolio. We are sure you will love her characterful compositions of wildlife including happy hoglets, mischievous meerkats and gadding geese – each presented in her signature dynamic style and muted natural palette.

The expressively executed Out to Lunch would enhance any wall with its three bright-eyed hares painted in earthy tones, each brimming with guile and personality. Browse her full collection here.

Jo has once again perfectly reflected her captivation with the subjects of people and the urban London landscape in her latest limited editions of eye-catchingly atmospheric cityscapes – in which she skilfully utilises light and shadow to dramatic effect.

In limited edition print Low Sun, Jo uses dynamic placement of shadows cast by textured trees on an otherwise sun bleached embankment to grab the attention of the viewer. She keeps you gazing with a trickle of sightseers wrapped up in warm scarves and woolly hats peppering the middle-ground, and pulls the eye up to the intertwined bare Winter branches at the top of the piece. Such a striking composition is sure to inject life into any space, working well in contemporary and traditional settings alike. Browse her full collection here.

Head over to our website where you can spend some leisurely time getting to know the artists, understanding their work, browsing the different products and our production processes...and above all selecting artwork that you love.

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