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by Rebecca Campbell

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Limited to 195 fine art limited edition prints + 20 artist proofs, 'Whodunnit?' is available either mounted or mounted and framed. We also offer the framed print glazed with a high quality reduced reflection glass called ARTglass. Please select the format you require using the drop down list above.

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The Benefits of ARTglass

Printed on 260gsm fine art paper, each print is individually signed and numbered by Rebecca and supplied with a certificate of authenticity.

Mounted with an off-white mount and supplied acetate wrapped.

The framed print is mounted as described and then framed in a 3.6cm wide distressed bronze frame. Supplied strung and ready to hang.

Standard picture framing glass is called float glass. This glass is used by the majority of picture framers and is perfectly acceptable for use when framing most limited edition prints but it does cause reflection and impurities in the glass cause the framed image to appear duller than intended.

To overcome these compromises we offer all our limited editions with the option of been fitted with a speciality glass called ARTglass designed to reduce reflection and improve clarity.
Unlike 'non-reflective' glass which is etched to reduce reflection but has a cloudy appearance as a result, ARTglass is coated with a high-tech film, reducing reflection whilst adding clarity.
The example shown here is an actual scan of a print framed with ARTglass in the left half of the frame and standard glass in the right half. This image has not been altered or enhanced in any way and clearly shows how ARTglass improves the clarity and vibrancy of the print. From certain viewing angles it appears that the glass is invisible.


All dimensions are Height x Width and are approximate.

  Image Size Finished Size
Mounted Print 31.4 x 38.0cm 48.0 x 53.6cm
Framed Print   54.0 x 59.6cm



Rebecca’s delightful, enigmatic and highly imaginative paintings evoke an eccentric world of plants and animals that appear to be happily confined within the boundaries of their own contented universe. 

Rebecca Campbell’s oil paintings are often referred to as ‘quintessentially English’ although much of her strong sense of design and jewel colours are inspired by her extensive travels.  

Her ability to create intriguing compositions, bringing together the exotic with the domestic, whilst adding a liberal dash of humour, is perhaps the key to her popularity.  

As a main stream player in the field of decorative arts, her work has been successfully exhibited worldwide and she has a growing base of collectors.


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