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Under the Stars - Original

by Justin Tew



  • Original, Oil on Board
  • Framed
  • Signed Justin Tew
  • Image, 56.0 x 76.0cm approximately
  • Framed, 63.0 x 83.0cm approximately

This original painting by Justin is framed in a hand finished frame and supplied with a certificate of authenticity.


Hand finished frames give a unique character to an original painting as an almost infinite combination of profiles, finishes and colours are possible.

Standard framing involves cutting and joining pre-finished mouldings to make the frame.

Hand finished framing requires a skilled craftsman who will first select a suitable frame profile which is cut and joined to make a bare wood frame.  The frame is then finished using a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques and materials.  Depending on the finish chosen a frame may take many days to complete as component layers are built up to achieve the desired result. 

To this end, no two hand finished frames are ever exactly the same.


"Absorbing the energy of the world around him Justin is able to create works of intense atmosphere and calm. His precise yet exuberant brushstrokes convey his own energized but collected response to each day’s new experience.

Spending much of his time traveling he is inspired by the transient and subtle drama of light and land. From wistful Mediterranean shores and subdued Venetian canals to the raw excitement of New York, Justin’s expressive use of oil provokes the viewer’s own memories of occasion, colour and the senses.

Justin has exhibited at the Osborne Studio Gallery, London, the Mall Galleries, London and Christies, London."


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