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The Scrutineers - Original

by Tim Bulmer

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  • Original, watercolour on paper
  • Framed
  • Signed Tim Bulmer
  • Image, 20.5cm x 36.5cm approximately
  • Framed, 36.5cm x 54.0cm approximately

This original painting by Tim Bulmer is double mounted in an off-white mount and a hand finished frame. The framed original is glazed with a high quality reduced reflection glass called ARTglass. Supplied with a certificate of authenticity and is strung ready to hang.


Hand finished frames give a unique character to an original painting as an almost infinite combination of profiles, finishes and colours are possible.

Standard framing involves cutting and joining pre-finished mouldings to make the frame.

Hand finished framing requires a skilled craftsman who will first select a suitable frame profile which is cut and joined to make a bare wood frame.  The frame is then finished using a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques and materials.  Depending on the finish chosen a frame may take many days to complete as component layers are built up to achieve the desired result. 

The result is a completely bespoke frame made to uniquely complement the original painting.  To this end, no two hand finished frames are ever exactly the same.

For Jakes work we have chosen a painted finish over which is applied a light coloured wash with a gold painted sight edge.  The colour is varied slightly to ensure that it compliments perfectly the palette used by Jake in each of his paintings.


Standard picture framing glass is called float glass. This glass is used by the majority of picture framers and is perfectly acceptable for use when framing most limited edition prints but it does cause reflection and impurities in the glass cause the framed image to appear duller than intended.

To overcome these compromises we fit all Jake's original paintings with ARTglass which is designed to reduce reflection and improve clarity.
Unlike 'non-reflective' glass which is etched to reduce reflection but has a cloudy appearance as a result, ARTglass is coated with a high-tech film, reducing reflection whilst adding clarity.
The example shown here is an actual scan of a print framed with ARTglass in the left half of the frame and standard glass in the right half. This scan has not been altered or enhanced in any way and clearly shows how ARTglass improves the clarity and vibrancy of the image. From certain viewing angles it appears that the glass is invisible.



Tim was born in Northumberland in 1958, educated at Sedbergh school and Wimbledon school of Art, graduating in 1981 with an honours degree in Theatre Design.

Over the years he has been collected by a wide variety of clients from every walk of life and rumour has it that he even shares a wall space in a most select loo with a Constable watercolour! His commercial clients have varied widely from T.K.Maxx to Taylors Port.
Tim collaborated in the design of the Mont Tauch visitors’ centre near Perpignan by providing, amongst other things, a 15 metre cartoon time line.  Most recently he has been commissioned by the Yeatman Hotel in Vila Nova De Gaia, Portugal. He has illustrated for magazines including Wine and Spirit, The Bystander and Landscape, and has also contributed to over 200 illustrations for Calvert’s Guide to British People.

Tim has exhibited widely since 1987, took to painting on a full-time basis in 1990 and from that point on he hasn’t looked back.

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