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The Dressmaker - Original

by Caroline Richardson

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  • Original, Oil on Canvas
  • Framed
  • Signed by Caroline Richardson
  • Image, 99.5 x 49.5cm approximately
  • Framed, 116.0 x 66.0cm approximately

This original painting by Caroline Richardson is framed in a hand finished frame and supplied with a certificate of authenticity.


Hand finished frames give a unique character to an original painting as an almost infinite combination of profiles, finishes and colours are possible.
Standard framing involves cutting and joining pre-finished mouldings to make the frame.
Hand finished framing requires a skilled craftsman who will first select a suitable frame profile which is cut and joined to make a bare wood frame.  The frame is then finished using a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques and materials.  Depending on the finish chosen a frame may take many days to complete as component layers are built up to achieve the desired result. 
The result is a completely bespoke frame made to uniquely complement the original painting.  To this end, no two hand finished frames are ever exactly the same.
For Caroline's work we have chosen a 10cm wide stained dark wood finish over which a wax is applied, with a 1.2cm gold slip.


Caroline trained as a Multi-Media Designer and gained her degree in Three-Dimensional Design in 1992.  She began her career by using her artistic talent in various ways; from costume design for theatre, architectural concept illustration, story-boarding for film studios, greetings card design for Athena and book illustration.  In 1994 she began to work for IBM as a Web Designer and Animator, and later - in 2002 - set up her own Web Design agency with her husband.

Now painting full time, Caroline creates a mixture of figurative work and still life. She loves to depict dramatic light and shadow in a setting and is drawn to the by-gone days of glamour and sophistication.


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