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Modular Brunnera

by Simon Allison

This Sculpture is available to commission.

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  • Bronze Sculpture
  • Fountain
  • Bespoke Commission

Simon Allison's exquisite fountains featuring magnificent bronze plants cast directly from life combine his talent as a highly skilled artist, his love of the natural world and his fascination with the movement of water.

All Simon's work is undertaken as commissions and therefore the pieces shown here serve as examples. Please contact us to discuss your ideas and requirements.

For many years, Simon has headed an extremely successful bronze foundry. This expertise helps him to produce fountains which are simple in their concept, visually striking and technically demanding.

Taking plants such as the common brassica, hosta, rhubarb, flaxes and many tropical species, Simon and his team, use precision bronze casting to reproduce the extraordinary detail of these gloriously sculptural plants. The subtle introduction of water cascading, trickling and dancing off the leaves brings these creations to life.

The fountains have been featured in Country Life, Country Living and BBC Gardens Illustrated and were the central features in gardens awarded gold medals at the Chelsea Flower Show.



The selected leaf is laid on a bed of clay and a mould of silicon rubber is created.

Wax is meticulously painted into the details of the mould.




Over the next five days, the wax is covered with layers of ceramic shell to make a strong white investment.

This is then fired.  The wax melts away leaving a hollow shell.

In the foundry the bronze is heated to 1200 degrees celcius and then carefully poured into the ceramic shell.

The ceramic shell is removed to reveal a magnificent bronze leaf.  This is the 'finished' by craftsmen using metal-working tools.  The separate leaves are assembled to complete the full plant.  Patination commences using chemicals for different colour-effects.

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