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Madame Butterfly I - Original

by Adam Kolakowski



  • Original, Acrylic on Canvas
  • Framed
  • Signed by Adam Kolakowski
  • Image, 78.0 x 78.0cm approximately
  • Framed, 106.0 x 106.0cm approximately

This original painting by Adam Kolakowski is framed in a 13cm wide gold over red, distressed wood frame.  Supplied with a certificate of authenticity and ready to hang.


Bright and bold, Adam's narrative acrylic paintings unveil stories created within his imagination, and portray his own humorous perception of the 'real world'.  Born in 1981, he still lives and works in his hometown in Poland.  He is a watchful observer of reality, from which he extracts humour, giving his pictures a new narrative and personal comment.  Adam has exhibited his work in numerous galleries across Poland, Italy, USA and England.



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